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How to Repair a Garage Door: Tips and Guidelines

How to Repair a Garage Door: Tips and Guidelines

Your garage door is built to last for years but you’ll encounter some problems as you use the door. These problems can range from minor problems like lack of lubrication to major problems that may require outrightly changing the door.

While some of the issues you’ll encounter with your garage door can be fixed by someone without expertise, others may require the help of professionals.

How do you know which problems you can handle and those that may be out of your reach to avoid further damaging the door or accidents?

In this article, you’ll see some common garage door problems and how to fix them. You’ll also see the problems that may require more expertise to handle.

Without further ado, here are some of the common problems you’ll face with your garage door and how to handle them.

Garage Door Doesn’t Open

When the garage door doesn’t open at all, there might be a few things causing this problem. You might feel overwhelmed and think the worst when your garage door refuses to open, but sometimes it just needs a little fixing to get it back working.

  • First, check for dents and dings on the garage door. This may be from a bicycle or car reversing. These dents can knock the door off its alignment and make it impossible to open. If you notice dents on the door you can realign the door back on track.
  • Check the sensor. The sensor on the bottom of the door and the sensor on the other side of the door needs to be in perfect alignment to work. Sometimes dust on the sensor might affect it, so clean off dust from the sensor. 

Released cord?

Sometimes you’ll find released cords or pulleys which can affect the pulley system controlling the opening and closing of the door. When this happens, you can fix it by pulling the string to re-engage it and set it back on track.

You should be careful while fixing strings since it packs a lot of force and can cause accidents if not handled properly.

Here are a few tips;

  • Make use of solid compatible torsion spring winding bars only
  • Maintain a distance when handling springs
  • Use vice grips to secure the axle in place

 How to Repair a Garage Door: Tips and Guidelines

Is the Remote Not Working?

If your garage door remote is not working, it may mean a few things. But first, you want to check the wall-mounted switch. If that can operate the garage door then, it might just be a battery problem with the remote. Simply replace the battery. 

If the wall-mounted switch still doesn’t work then, you may have a problem with the door itself or its alignment.

Is the Garage Door Opener Not Working Properly?

Sometimes the garage door opener might stop working as it should. When this happens, the cause may vary. Here are a few causes and how you can fix them.

  • When the remote and wall-mounted switch is not operating the door this signals a power source disruption in some way. Check the power through each medium.
  • When the garage door just wouldn’t close down, this may be as a result of a wrong close-limit setting. Adjust the settings to the right measurement.
  • When the garage door wouldn’t open during the winter, this may be caused by the sensitivity settings. The rollers may get stiff during the winter and not open. Adjust the sensitivity of the opener. You can access this part in the motor unit.

Sometimes the garage door opener problem may be too much to handle and you may need the help of professionals. Wondering how to get a Los Angeles garage door opener repair near me? You can get garage door professionals around the Los Angeles area to fix your door.


Don’t let a little garage door issue scare you, more often than not it is a minor issue you can handle easily. With a few tools around the home, you can get your door working properly again.

In some situations where the issue requires more experience to fix, you would be better off calling in a professional to handle the repairs.