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How To Show Off Your Best Work On The Back Of Your Business Cards

Business cards are a great way of marketing in person. Either at the end of the meeting or any conference, business cards help promote your business and give a quick first impression about your work to the recipient. These cards are an easy way of giving your contact details to your customers, dealers, or vendors. It also helps in building trust among the customers and the company. Because of the brief information about your business, product, or services, handy man business cards can help customers know your skills. These cards are part of business culture and professionally worthy of handing in conferences and official gatherings.

How to customize

It is important to give a personal touch while creating these cards. In the cards and the designing content, business owners can tell the customers about their business like a camera shape business cards for photographers is recognizable by the customers without reading the details. Also, customization in styles, backgrounds, and fonts makes the cards interesting and worthy of the recipient’s collection.

Not to be only persistent, but while designing the business card, you need to creative and efficient to occupy the space. You can develop ideas on the internet from which you can get inspiration to create your business card. People make some mistakes while designing the cards, which you should avoid to make an attractive and unique business card.

Do not leave the back of your card blank

The usual trend to print the card is from one side while leaving the back empty. It is the same as you have a canvas to portray your talent and not taking the opportunity. The card’s backside is mostly used as a notepad in the recipient’s pocket because it has no interesting effect. Using your brand and contact details are also worthless. It is the same to advertise something the same on different pages of a newspaper.

Don’t be plain with colors

The usual concept of card designing starts with choosing colors for the background. With little effects or single colors, cards have been further designed. But to make your card distinctive and worthy of keeping, you should choose a descriptive background, like any icon, pictures, and more.

 How To Show Off Your Best Work On The Back Of Your Business Cards

Your skill details

You can put the details of your services and skills on the back of the card while contact details on the front. The artistic business owners like photographers, culinary artists, painters, graphic designs, etc. can showcase any of their artwork through a good picture at the back of the card. You can get more creative to show your skills on a small canvas.

Use a QR code

If you are new to the industry or want to extend business, showing video can explain your working strategies. Although video playing cards are still not a part of the market, you can add a QR code or link at the card’s back. With any creative line, pursue your customer to open that link and see your skills and services.

Add customers to Your email list

Advertisement through emails is effective but enhancing the email list is not. Through your business card, you can convince your customers to be involved in your contact list with little effort and collaboration. How? Add a link to your website or add an email link. Through the website, you can ask customers to give their details with email addresses. You can offer any services in return like a baker can write, “treat your eyes with these cakes” with the website link.

Promotion and deals

Use these cards as discount vouchers. You can offer any deals like discounts, gifts, etc. through these cards. Within a limited period for the offers, you can get potential customers.

Location Map

Addresses on business cards are usual but not a map. You can use a location map at the back of the card so your customers can easily find your office. The cards with a location map can help people recommend your brand or company regarding the site.

Customer testimonials

The cards help build trust for the company. Also, adding any feedback about the services can help customers relate to their needs and consider your services or products as a solution.


Business cards are a helpful tool for marketing and promoting your business. Avoid common business card design mistakes, you should creatively design these cards to make them attractive and unique to stand out in the crowd.