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How to Stay Ahead in the Label and Packaging Printing Industry

How to Stay Ahead in the Label and Packaging Printing Industry

Printers of labeling and packaging industry are undergoing a major transition currently. With the evolving printing technology solutions, the entire process of label and packaging printing is disrupted. Because of technological advancements, those players who upgrade to the latest printing technologies can gain a competitive edge in the market with their service. 

Digital Printing technologies and their benefits

With benefits such as increased productivity, negligible turnaround time, print on demand capabilities and design freedom, the label and packaging printing industry is experiencing a revolution with Digital Printing Technologies along with label design software and product packaging design software. Printers can now get rid of the tedious flexographic press process of the original design, colour separation, cylinder changes, screen changes and can meet the modern-day branding and marketing requirements without any hassle.

Digital printing and label and packaging design software- the dynamic duo disrupting the Labeling and packaging print Industry

With the help of Digital Printing Technologies and online label and packaging design solutions, not only can printers optimise the printing methodologies, they can transfer the power of design to their customers and eliminate the entire traditional print design workflow! Also, adapting to digital printing technologies can provide an opportunity to employ sustainable printing with minimal pollution and waste and also allows printers to provide a Print-on-demand business model to their customers.

Now that you have a glimpse of the revolution, let’s first understand the technologies and how they help the printers in gaining a competitive edge in the market to stay ahead of the competition.

What is a Digital Printing Technology and why use it?

In digital printing, printers can execute their orders with the help of digital inkjet printers and digital print designing solutions. With digital printing at their corner, printers can print label and packaging easily without the need of printing plates, cylinder changes and that too in less turnaround time and negligible resource waste and pollution! 

Apart from that, since the production time is reduced and there are no restrictions on minimum print numbers, printers can adapt print-on-demand business model and gain an edge. But before we move on to the benefits of digital printing over traditional flexographic presses, let’s first understand the other half of the coin, the label and packaging printing design software.

 How to Stay Ahead in the Label and Packaging Printing Industry

What is Label and packaging Design software?

To input a label and packaging design in the digital printer, you need labeling and packaging designer software that empowers you to create a computerised design without any major technology skill requirements. The software is basically a web-to-print solution that allows you to create a customized labeling and packaging designs with a print-ready output file. Users can use images, clip-art, text, fonts and many other such elements to design their label and packaging and create a customized label and packaging design right from the scratch or with the help of design templates. 

What are the benefits of employing these technologies over traditional flexographic presses? Let’s understand these benefits in details to know how printers can stay ahead of the competition.

Benefits of Digital Printing and Label and packaging designer software over traditional label and packaging print methods:

1. Unlimited Design possibilities

With the printing plates excluded from the process, a customer or a graphic designer can themselves create label and packaging designs with a few clicks of a button. Also, with inkjet printers, labeling and packaging can be executed in any number of colours and thus, it is now possible for printers to create and execute complex label and packaging designs and provides their customers, unique label and packaging designs for all their branding and marketing requirements. Also, with label and packaging printing software and digital inkjet printers, there are no restrictions to the shape and size of the labeling and packaging.

2. Process Automation

With digital printers, the requirement of labour for production reduces drastically as the inkjet printer automates the majority of the printing process. Also, the need for designers can be reduced as customers can design their own labeling and packaging and thus, the overall cost of production reduces in the long run as these fixed and variable expenses can be avoided.

3. Print-on-demand

One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional flexographic presses is the high cost of small quantity prints. Since there are printing plates to be made for each design, the cost of production for small quantity prints makes it impossible for printers to execute small orders economically. With inkjet printers, the production time is faster than that of flex printers and the cost of production of small quantities are much lesser! Thus, printers can create a print-on-demand business model where they can print label and packaging after the customer has prepared the design using label and packaging design software in any given quantity.



4. Sustainable printing

While this may not have any financial impact on the business, but providing sustainable printing solutions to enterprises and businesses is in huge demand with the climate change drives going over the world. Enterprises are ready to pay a higher price for the prints that are sustainably printed and thus, there is a chance you get premium prices as well as increased B2B business with Digital printing technologies. With digital printing, you can reduce the water wastage to negligible and also, the chemical waste in printing is much less compared to traditional printing methods.

5. Reduced preliminary expenses

While the cost of a digital inkjet printer is considerably high compared to flexographic presses, the machine can be set up in a small space and thus, printers can create a small printing unit without the need to lease or buy a big infrastructure space. Also, with the help of label and packaging design maker software, you can create virtual designs and put them up for print orders on your website without the need for inventory! Printers can employ print-on-demand and execute orders after they get an order.

Hop on the bandwagon of profitability and innovation

With increased productivity, reduced manpower and print-on-demand capabilities, one can easily gain an edge in the market! Also, with the help of digital marketing and online print services, printers can expand their businesses with partner printers and increase their revenue with minimal investment! Thus, with the help of digital printing technologies and label and package design software, you can create a customer-centric business model and gain a competitive edge in the market.