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How to Throw a Backyard Barbecue Party Your Guests Will Never Forget

How to Throw a Backyard Barbecue Party Your Guests Will Never Forget

Askar Abayev

A well-prepared host is a calm host. And a calm host is always a charm! Here’s your cheat-sheet to hosting the most terrific barbecue party.

1. Make some early preparations

Start planning at least a week ahead of the party. You should finalize the menu and the guest list much before the D-day.

Once you’ve got your guest list finalized, the next step is making sure they get the memo that they’re invited to your awesome backyard barbeque party! While a simple text message or chat will do, nothing beats the special feeling that a personalized invitation can give. It tells your guests about essential party details, such as the date, time, venue, and even theme (if you have one), and it makes a cute reminder of the party too.

Besides the invitations, you’ll also want to prepare the venue with vibrant props and decorations to complete the festive feeling and make the venue fit with the theme. You’ll want to take good pictures of the party, after all. So plan about a month ahead and think about the theme, invitations, decors, and guest lists for a party that’s undoubtedly one for the books!

On the day of the party, you can keep the food ready to go on the grill. Chop the vegetables, keep patties ready and prepare the side dishes before the guests arrive.

2. Stock up on the essentials

Running short of fuel or charcoal while the party is on can be quite embarrassing. Always double-check your supplies. Make sure enough fuel keeps the grill flame alive through the party. Also check if you have sufficient cutlery and dishes for the guests. Don’t forget to take stock of the ice, bottled water, juices and drinks too.

3. Experiment with the grilling methods

What’s the surest way to impress your guests? Of course, serve them the best grilled dishes they’ve ever imagined.

Up your grilling game and go for methods like indirect heating or rotisserie. Consider choosing a pellet grill for the perfect infusion of natural hardwood smoky flavor to your dishes.

 How to Throw a Backyard Barbecue Party Your Guests Will Never Forget

4. Ambient lighting

There’s nothing that sets the mood right for an evening of grilling fun like lighting. Fairy lights and the right kind of accent lighting can create an ambiance your guests will find soothing and inviting.

You can also consider installing solar powered lights with automatic timers in your backyard. This way there’ll be no rush to turn on the lights at dusk.

5. Get the groove perfect

Nice music can turn any ordinary feast into a fairy tale. Take some time out and create a groovy playlist to rock the evening. Set up your Bluetooth speaker to a pleasant volume and let the music hum in the background.

6. Encourage self-service

Always set up the starters and drinks in a buffet style, so that guests can help themselves. Don’t worry. Your guests won’t blacklist you for self-service at a party. Rather they’ll enjoy the freedom to customize their drinks and play the bartender. You can also add a fancy drink station to the party decor and let it work the charm.

 How to Throw a Backyard Barbecue Party Your Guests Will Never Forget

7. Pitch the idea of a pot party

We’re not suggesting you ask your guests to get the patties for the burger! But they can always get side dishes and desserts. You can always do well with a little help from your friends, especially when it comes to hosting a huge barbecue party. Besides, your friends will appreciate your trust in their reliable recipes and mouth watering delicacies.

8. Keep the kids happy and engaged

Inviting family and friends with kids? Make sure you include some simple backyard games to keep all age groups entertained. Make the arrangements before the party begins. If you have older kids, you can entrust them with the task of organizing the games. They’ll surely love to lend a helping hand with the preparations.

9. Take care of the trash

Does the thought of cleaning up the lawn after the party is over give you shivers? We have an easy way out for the mess. Place a few trash cans and bins in the yard. Your guests will not be tempted to toss their empty disposables around.

10. Don’t ignore safety measures

Even small grills can lead to big fires. There’s never a good reason to compromise on fire safety, no matter how big or small the party is going to be. Always keep fire extinguishers handy to take control of flare-ups. Also prepare a first aid kit to take care of minor accidents.