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How to Use Instagram Live to Promote your Business

How to Use Instagram Live to Promote your Business

Thirdman from Pexels|Thirdman from Pexels

Posting pre-recorded videos on Instagram is a very common marketing strategy. You can also buy Instagram views to boost such videos and reach a wider audience. However, if you are looking for ways to revamp your Instagram video marketing, try using Instagram Live. 

Instagram Live is an amazing way to engage with your audience and increase interaction. It is a part of video marketing that is free to use. Moreover, it offers an opportunity to talk to your audience in real-time. Thus, building brand authenticity. 

Most global brands and businesses use Instagram live to boost their product sales. So, why should you stay behind? Read the blog further to learn eight different ways of using Instagram live to promote your business. 

1. Share your Story

The first step to build a valuable relationship with your customer is to introduce yourself and tell them about your brand. Instagram lives are excellent tools that help you bridge the communication gap and share your story with your followers. 

Be authentic and personal in telling your story. Share your struggles, success stories, company culture, and values. The more personal you get, the more people will believe in your brand. You can also save this video and use it as an introduction to your brand. Gain Instagram views to boost your video and make it go viral. 

2. Announce Product Launch 

Instagram Live is an excellent way to announce a product launch and give your audience a sneak peek at your latest product range. It acts as a teaser to generate excitement among your audience. Most global brands like Apple, Samsung, and others use Instagram live to build anticipation of an upcoming product.

Another way to use Instagram Live is to collaborate with an influencer and ask them to promote your product on a live broadcast. This will generate more leads and help you gain more popularity on Instagram

The benefit of doing a live broadcast for a product launch is that it helps you interact and provides value to your customer in real time. Moreover, you can gauge the engagement rate and see if the audience is interested in your product or not. 

You can also save the video and repurpose it to promote your products on Instagram. Additionally, you can buy Instagram views to boost your content and gain a wider reach. 

3. Host Q&A Sessions 

People love brands that are authentic and take time to communicate with their audience. So, Instagram Live is the best tool to increase audience interaction. Use this tool to answer any queries or doubts that your customers may have. 

A detailed Q&A session will help to build trust and transparency with your customers. Moreover, it will show that you truly care for them. Through a live question-and-answer segment, you can provide solutions to a bigger audience at one time. This helps to minimize the time to manage individual customer queries. 

4. Get Real-time Customer Feedback

Instagram live provides an option for the audience to comment and share their opinions, views, and feedback. Use this feature to encourage your customers to write a review or share their experience with your brand. 

You can also conduct a live broadcast to show a demo of your upcoming product and get real-time feedback. This way you can gain insights into what your audience thinks about the product. Moreover, you can read their suggestions and make last-minute changes to make your product more useful for your customers. 

 How to Use Instagram Live to Promote your Business

5. Host Webinars or Online Events 

Often, hosting webinars on other professional platforms can be expensive. Therefore, use Instagram live to organize a webinar and generate leads for your business without leaving the platform. Instagram offers several tools to manage, market, and execute online webinars. 

In addition to this, you can also host online events such as a virtual meet with your audience. Most creators host online events to celebrate an achievement or play entertaining games with their audience. All these tactics are excellent for nurturing your customers and encouraging them to try your products. 

6. Show Behind-The-Scenes

One of the best ways to establish brand authenticity is to show your customers what goes behind making your products. Conducting an Instagram life that shows the details about your day in the office, employee interviews, and making of your product will provide valuable insights to your customers. 

It will help to personalize your brand and provide a humanizing effect to your audience. it is also an excellent way to show your audience how hard you and your team work to provide better services. Thus helping you build a valuable relationship with your customers. 

7. Do Live Tutorials 

The most efficient way to promote a product on Instagram is to make a tutorial. With Instagram live you can educate your audience by doing a tutorial of your product. This will provide immense value to your customers. Further, it will skyrocket your Instagram views.

Take any product and teach your audience how to use it correctly, tell them about the benefits, tips, and tricks. You can also answer their queries in real-time and pique interest in their mind to buy the product. 

8. Conduct Giveaway Contests 

If you are conducting giveaways on your Instagram profile or any other social media platform, you can use Instagram live to reveal the winner in real-time. This will help to increase your Instagram views because more and more people will be excited to know the winner of the contest. 

So, make sure to announce on your social media profiles beforehand that you will be announcing the winner on Instagram live. Inform your audience about the time and date of the contest as well to increase engagement and gain wider reach on Instagram.


Instagram Live is a powerful tool that has opened up an opportunity for live video streaming on social media. It is beneficial for building brand credibility and authenticity. Moreover, you can generate leads and turn your audience into potential customers easily. 

You can buy Instagram views and boost your business on Instagram. But try to incorporate the above eight ways to use Instagram live as well. This will help you build innovative strategies to increase engagement and gain more followers.