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How to Use Trees to Enhance Your Garden

English house extension with garden view

Trees can benefit your garden in so many ways. As well as being visually appealing, trees will add privacy to your garden, add the right amount of shade, give your garden a more natural look, and even enhance the sense of peacefulness in this outdoor space. 

If you want to incorporate trees into your garden but don’t know where to start, here are the best ways to use them.

Pick the right trees

First of all, before you start tree planting, you need to do your research and find out which trees would suit the conditions in your garden. For example, if you have a small, shady garden, a Japanese maple tree would be the best choice, but if you have a very sunny and large garden, an oak tree might be better. 

You also need to consider how dry or wet your soil is. A lot of trees need well-drained soil, but if you have wetter soil or live in a wet climate, birch trees would be suitable. You can buy a variety of birch trees online at retailers like The Tree Center.

 Backyard of an English house


If you want to add a natural screen to your garden and increase its privacy, then planting a row of trees would be very beneficial. In particular, Leyland cypress trees are great screening trees. Since these trees are evergreen and fast-growing, they’ll quickly form a dense screen around your garden to deter unwelcome visitors. You can also easily trim these trees to get your desired shape and height, making them perfect for forming a neat hedge.

Potted trees

You may not want to plant trees if you don’t like gardening or don’t have a lot of space, and in this case, you can simply buy some potted trees to place around your garden or patio area. Japanese maple trees are smaller trees that thrive in pots, and you’ll only need to repot them and get a larger container once every few years. Place these trees around your outdoor seating area to add a calming presence when you relax in your garden.

In addition, you can still use potted plants as a natural screen if you don’t want to plant trees or a hedge around the perimeter of your garden. Adding potted trees around your patio will provide a bit of privacy around your chairs or benches, or you can add a few pots around your fence too. 

Fruit trees

Certain trees will even provide delicious fruit for you if you plant them in your garden. Apple trees are an extremely popular choice, but be aware that it takes a few years for them to start bearing fruit after you plant them. You’ll have to be pretty patient if you decide to plant fruit trees, but in the meantime, they’ll produce beautiful flowers to brighten up your garden each spring.

If you haven’t planted any trees or placed any potted trees in your garden, then what are you waiting for? Trees can improve privacy, provide delicious fruit, and above all, make your garden look even more beautiful.