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How to Wear Earrings with Style

How to Wear Earrings with Style

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Human beings have been wearing earrings for more than 7,000 years, beginning with ancient Asian civilizations. Egyptians wore earrings as a sign of wealth or to indicate they were upper class. Wealthy Romans and Greeks frequently telegraphed their social status by sporting ear jewelry set with pearls. While the meaning may have changed over the years, earrings remain a staple in millions of modern jewelry collections.

Today both men and women have pierced ears and wear earrings ranging from tiny studs to elaborate chandelier designs. Jewelers offer hundreds of pieces made in various materials, so choosing the right style for each occasion can get a bit confusing. Fortunately, there are some basic rules that make it easy to choose the best pair for any occasion. While everyone is free to create their own look, basic guidelines can help create a polished look that brings out the best in wearers and their jewelry.

Get to Know the Different Styles

The first thing any budding fashionista needs to know about earrings is that they are sold in many different styles. The good news is that buyers have many choices when shopping, and the bad news is that the number of choices can be overwhelming. Understanding different designs makes it easier to narrow down choices and search for specific styles.

For example, a buyer looking for subtle and feminine styles can research huggie earrings, visit an online jeweler’s store and get more details here. Instead of scrolling through pages of photos trying to locate appealing products, customers go right to the type they want and then choose from collections.

While manufacturers offer a multitude of choices, there are some essential styles that every customer should get to know. They include

  • Hoops: Typically made of solid metal, hoop earrings are sold in a wide range of sizes. Some of the most in-demand are made in gold, silver, and platinum. Designs with diamond settings are always on-trend.
  • Huggies: These small, thick earrings face the earlobe. Most designs are simple but can include gemstones or diamonds.
  • Studs: Perhaps the most popular type of earrings, studs are tiny single gemstones or other ornaments held in place by a fixture on the back of the lobe. Diamond studs are always in vogue, as are gold studs.
  • Drop earrings: These styles dangle from the ear and are sold in a huge range of designs, materials, and sizes.
  • Chandeliers: A version of drop earrings, chandelier styles are designed to add sparkle and interest. They include a sturdy or more dense part of a pattern at the top and threads that shimmer down and dangle from the structure.
  • Gemstone designs: As the name implies, these earrings consist of a gemstone that may be mounted on various settings. Available in an almost endless number of shapes and sizes, they add color and variety to any jewelry collection.

There are Earrings for Each Face Shape

According to fashion experts writing for Fabulous After 40, there are earrings to flatter every facial shape. Human faces are generally divided into triangle, oval, round, heart, long, and square shapes.

Those who are lucky enough to have oval faces can wear any earrings. Chandelier styles work best for triangle shapes, and drop designs flatter round faces. Chandeliers are the best choice for heart shapes, while short dangles, studs, and medium hoops add width to long faces. Professionals recommend that women with square faces choose medium to long earrings with rounded edges.

 How to Wear Earrings with Style

Match Jewelry to the Occasion

Per fashion website Couture Candy, it is also essential to wear the right earrings for each occasion. For example, the absolutely ideal jewelry for an evening might be out of place at work.

As a general rule, work jewelry should be subtle, and when in doubt, fashion editors suggest using the classic rule, “remove one accessory before leaving the house.” They recommend wearing either a necklace or earrings, but not both and opt for classic, subtle pieces such as studs, huggies, or subtle gemstones.

For dressy occasions, such as an evening out, earrings that add a little sparkle and edge work well. A pair of eye-catching chandeliers is a good choice since they create an aura of glamour. Of course, diamond studs are also the perfect accessory for the little black dress, especially at formal events.

Today, choosing jewelry for casual wear is easy because nearly anything goes. A pair of elegant diamond studs is just as appropriate as shoulder-length chandeliers or drop earrings with feathers.

Sometimes One Style Does It All

Many women create a signature style by wearing only one earring style in different designs. Stud earrings are the perfect choice for this minimalist look. In addition to the traditional go-anywhere diamond studs, designers offer dozens of variations.

For instance, shoppers can find sparkling pearl studs that create a look of elegance. “Creature” styles can feature anything from crystal mosquitoes to sea creatures. There are styles in geometric shapes that include circles, “v’s,” and squares. Jewelers offer a wide range of stud earrings with embedded gemstones, as well as shell, leaf, flower designs.

Mismatched Earrings Can Add Flair

Although matched pairs of earrings are the norm, many of the trendiest dressers in the world opt for mismatched earrings. In fact, this style has become a hot topic on social media in recent years. Some women select earrings from their own collections, while others shop for single earrings.

However, there is an art to wearing mismatched earrings without looking like you got dressed in the dark. The key is to create a deliberate effect-;pair two different earrings with related shapes or with inverse colors. The truly daring might make a personal statement by wearing earrings of different lengths on each ear.

Earrings may be the oldest and most popular type of jewelry because they are so versatile. Anyone can use earrings to create a trendy look, just by learning a little about styles and following a few rules. In general, it’s important to wear the right pair for each occasion and choose designs that flatter the face. Whether that means building a collection around a signature look or mixing and matching for each occasion, earrings can add interest and beauty.