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How to Write An Art History Paper

How to Write an Art History Paper

Art history sounds like magic, and if you are one of those people who love this subject, you will get deep satisfaction in writing your own research. If you are not a fan – pay experts from WriteMyPaperHub to have your art history essays written from scratch. These guys will find someone who will create a stellar-quality paper for you – quickly and professionally. 

When you start writing an art history essay, you must remember that it includes some specific features that are obvious for this type of writing. So let’s separate tips about successful writing this paper in two groups that will show general and special advice.

General tips for successful art history essay  

  • Make a schedule. It is important to understand how many hours you need to write a successful essay. It depends on a lot of aspects. Whether you are a newbie in writing an essay, how good are you in research, how many hours a day you can devote to your paper, etc. When you gather all the answers in your head you can make a simple schedule with the list of tasks and required time to complete each task. Researching, writing, and checking are very important.
  • Follow the structure. Every essay has a structure with strict rules. Even fiction has rules and follows them. So if you want to get a good score or want your essay to be an example of excellent work, you must acquaint with the structure, obligatory and not obligatory conditions, and only after that begin to form your thoughts into the text.
  • Check your writing and use proofreading. It is a good habit to check everything you write before sending the text or passing the task. We think quicker than we type, so it is obvious that your text will include enough mistakes and slips of the pen. Sometimes we even lose parts of the sentence trying to catch the brilliant idea that appeared in our mind a moment ago. To deal with it, it is enough to read the whole text after a small break. However, it doesn’t replace professional proofreading that shows specific mistakes that are not obvious for you. So the advice is to use online services and check your essay to be sure not about the content but about the form.  
  • Pay special attention to plagiarism. There are a lot of online services that can check your writing for plagiarism, so if you added some sentences from other writings without links, your professor would find it. If you didn’t do this and think that your text is 100% unique, you might also get into trouble because of the huge amount of writings on the same topic. To protect yourself, it is better to check and add the index of plagiarism to your essay if it is possible.

 How to Write an Art History Paper

Specific tips for successful art history essay

  • Use formal analysis. It is one of the special elements of the art history essay. You must describe what you see directly, like colors, poses, lines. Focus on visual elements, but don’t forget that your description must follow the central thesis of the work. Don’t forget to match the period, the territory, and the circumstances (if they are known) while using formal analysis.
  • Use comparative analysis. This kind of analysis is also necessary for the art history essay. You must use all your knowledge about the subject, its history, life situation of the creator. You can compare the earliest and latest works of the same author. You can compare different authors of the same epoch. Or you can even compare the different images of the same character, but do it necessarily.  
  • Use the present tense. Every work of art was created in the past, so talking about the life of the author and the historical situation, you will use the past tense surely. But when you are working on any analysis, you must use the only present tense. Every description or specification that you show and prove should be felt in real-time and give the reader confidence that all your opinions and conclusions are modern.
  • Trust your instincts. When you look at any kind of art, you get a first impression. The first impression is followed by a deep impression when you think about it and the last impression that stays with you when you move to another piece of art. All of them form because of the set of what you see, feel, analyze unperceived. Try to stop for a while and understand what exactly gives you such an impression and show it on your writing. Your eyes are a brilliant source of art estimation. 

Here we tried to show the tips that must help you with writing an art history essay. Sure, the hardest job is not to describe how to do but do it directly, and we believe that now it will be easier.