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Hubertus Sky Pool by NOA Architects

Alex Filz

Italian architecture firm NOA has recently completed this eye-catching glass-bottomed pool for Hotel Hubertus, a holiday resort for skiers and hikers in the Italian province of South Tyrol. The dramatic 25 meters pool is part of a new extension of the hotel, located at the foot of Kronplatz mountain with impressive views of the surrounding Dolomites – a mountain range that forms part of the Alps. The pool, functioning as a connector between old and new, underlines the essence of this comprehensive renovation project.


The highlight of the project is the new sky pool, floating like a natural rock over the new accommodation wing. Without any visible boarders, a width of 5 meters, a length of 25 meters and a depth of 1,30 meters the over 17 meters cantilevering pool can be seen as completely unique. The position of the pool, which floats 12 meters above the ground, at its extreme edge, gives the swimmer the feeling of floating. This impression is further reinforces by the glass front and a glazed window on the bottom of the pool.

“The hidden edges of the pool, kept in anthracite-coloured stone, abolish the gap between pool and landscape, creating the impression of the water flowing into nothing, disappearing between pool and landscape,” said the studio.

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all images © Alex Filz