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Iconic Architecture in Istanbul: Where to Go?

Main dome with colorful ornamental elements in Blue mosque

Julia Volk + Mathias Reding from Pexels

Istanbul has always impressed guests with its majesty, fabulous landscapes, and intriguing mystery. This city is called a bridge between Europe and Asia because of how it combined Eastern traditions and Western modernity. During many centuries, Istanbul changed its name several times and was honored four times for becoming the capital of the largest empires — Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, and Latin.

To contemporaries, this city is known as the former capital of Turkey; despite its lost status, Istanbul remains a major trade and industrial center of the country. And upon arrival, it is worth getting acquainted with its rich heritage — here, every tourist will find attractions to his taste. Istanbul walking tour is the best option to see the majesty of its streets and iconic architecture. So, what should a tourist see in Istanbul?

Sultanahmet District

The Sultanahmet district has become a whole source of wealth, as this place is the main square of Istanbul, on the territory of which many other famous monuments are located. In addition, it is the historical center of the city. A lot of interesting and exciting events take place within the square, and it is very popular with both tourists and residents. Many people come here — some just to walk, others — to see the main sights of Istanbul.

 Minaret and Courtyard in Suleymaniye Mosque

Saint Sophia Cathedral

Every tourist should see Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. The building, which became a cultural and architectural heritage, turned out to be truly magnificent and constantly attracts many guests to the city. The cathedral is more than fifteen centuries old. In addition to its rich history, the shrine is also famous for its architecture and exquisite decoration — skillfully created mosaics and other decorative elements fill the walls of the Saint Sophia Cathedral with a special atmosphere. To date, only a few units of such structures are left on the planet.

Blue Mosque

One of the most beautiful sights of Istanbul is the Blue Mosque, which is located in the main city square. The magnificence of the building captivates literally at first glance — regardless of religion and the attitude to religion in general, every visitor will be able to appreciate the elegance of the architecture and the majesty of the building. In addition, the Blue Mosque has become a symbol of Istanbul, and its image can be seen on various brochures and postcards. The building is four hundred years old, and its history is rich in various events, which you will learn about after visiting the mosque.

Suleymaniye Mosque

Another mosque that tourists should visit in Istanbul is Suleymaniye. It’s a real masterpiece of architecture, which hides in its image many more intricate details than the eye of a simple, inexperienced person can see. The peculiarity of the building is its silhouette: it will not reveal anything to the guests who visit the mosque, but will reveal all its greatness from afar (it is best to start getting to know the attraction from the bay — the view from below will be beautiful). Then you should visit the inside of the mosque, the construction of which at one time decently emptied the sultan’s treasury.

Hope you’ll have a great trip to Istanbul and get the chance to see all these architectural masterpieces by yourself.