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IED Syrma Concept Car


At the 2015 International Geneva Motor Show, the Istituto Europeo di Design and Quattroruote reaffirm the excellence and innovation of Italian design unveiling the Syrma concept car, the 11th 1:1 scale model designed by the now historic Master in Transportation Design of the Turin Istituto Europeo di Design.

Quattroruote, Italy’s most widely-read and authoritative motoring magazine and long-term exponent of “road safety”, has decided to raise awareness of this issue, asking Master students to research ad hoc technologies to be tested on this innovative vehicle.


Syrma features an extremely innovative layout: three staggered front seats with central driving position and rear power unit. The concept has a hybrid propulsion system with a V6 twin turbo, approximately 4-litre heat engine and an electric engine that, together, deliver around 900 hp. Using the electric engine, this rear-wheel drive vehicle could circulate freely in city centres, effectively contributing to reducing air pollution.


Designed to deliver total safety, the car features a complete array of innovative passive and active safety devices. In electric mode, the car is completely silent and its arrival is perceived through front laser projection of messages and images on the road. As regards internal layout, the central driving position guarantees maximum visibility when driving, while the cockpit that “envelops” the two side passengers, covered by a teardrop windscreen, acts as a protective shield of the cabin.


The Syrma, thesis project of the eleven students of the Master course, is the end result of a process that simulates a real-life working environment. All the students submitted a proposal and that complying most precisely with the initial brief was selected as the initial project for the final version. The class then created a core work team and, working together, completed the concept in real scale.

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all images courtesy of IED