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Illulian x Marcelo Burlon County of Milan Rug Capsule Collection


Marcelo Burlon | County of Milan has teamed up with Illulian to realize a limited edition of rugs that bespeaks experimentation and creativity: Allover Snakes, Patagonia and Pixel are the three exclusive models designed by Marcelo for the prestigious brand, a leader in the field of luxury rug design and manufacture. Born in Argentine Patagonia and grown up in cosmopolitan Milan, Marcelo makes cross-pollination into a key factor in every one of his creative projects, which means he can switch with absolute ease from street wear to interior design. Drawing on his origins and his history, he gives life to an urban gaucho style, rich with symbols and meanings where Marcelo’s native land is the design focus.

Today, this unique fashion designer leaves the catwalks to provide clothes for luxury homes. Thanks to Illulian, in fact, kaleidoscopic motifs and iconic signs find expression most effectively in Himalayan wool and the extra pure silk that characterise the rugs proposed by this brand, handmade using vegetable colours that enchant the eye with their chromatic appeal.


ALLOVER SNAKES – Marcelo Burlon found inspiration in the indigenous traditions of his native land to create this magnificent rug featuring a thick tangle of snakes. With its great visual and emotional aspect, this model is a perfect embodiment of Marcelo’s philosophy, bent on experimenting boldly, without any self-imposed limit, and the outlook of Illulian, which has always looked to blur the boundaries between fashion and design. Allover Snakes is handcrafted from Himalayan wool and pure silk, and uses vegetable colours, the elements that account for the unmistakable brilliant appearance of all Illulian models.


PATAGONIA  Mapuche crosses and other iconographic elements from Amerindian culture are woven into a rug that narrates the history of its designer, Marcelo Burlon. It is from Patagonia, his fascinating and mysterious native land, in fact, that Marcelo draws inspiration to give life to a rug that stands out for its quintessential graphic expressiveness, enhanced by the use of a black & white colour palette.


PIXEL – Tribal mood in a digital rendition: Pixel, a rug with a minimal approach to graphic design, where the star role is entrusted to the sacred symbol of the Mapuches, an indigenous people of Patagonia, Marcelo Burlon’s native land. Through creative cross-pollination, Marcelo has succeeded in revisiting the iconographic elements of his culture and transforming them into new systems of fashion, and, now with this creation, of design as well.

The rugs are handcrafted from Himalayan wool and pure silk, using vegetable colours, the elements that account for the unmistakable brilliant appearance of all Illulian models.


all images courtesy of ILLULIAN