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ILY-A Electric Personal Vehicle


ILY-A is a futuristic mobility device developed by Japanese company Aisin and Chiba Institute of Technology that transforms itself to meet your mobility needs. Driven by intelligent safety technology applied from the field of robotics, it will serve as futuristic “legs” for people of all ages, from youths to active seniors, supporting their locomotion and activities in a wide range of scenes.

ILY-A is a three-wheel one-person compact electric mobility vehicle that transforms into four configurations (vehicle, kickboard, cart, and carry) to meet the needs of a wide variety of situations. The ultra compact body is about the size of a baby stroller and it contains all-new robotics-based intelligent safety technology. It recognizes all stationary and moving objects such as a person or an obstacle suddenly jumping into view, and automatically reduces speed and controls the brakes. It is a neo-futuristic vehicle that was developed in a style that is safe, is easy to use, and will help expand people’s worlds, thereby creating a society in which people of all ages can cheerfully and actively take part. With ILY-A, Aisin propose a lifestyle with greater range of activities and strive to establish this vehicle as a new standard tool for people’s everyday life.

2-ily-a-electric-personal-vehicle-unveiled-at-milan-design-week-2015 3-ily-a-electric-personal-vehicle-unveiled-at-milan-design-week-2015 4-ily-a-electric-personal-vehicle-unveiled-at-milan-design-week-2015 5-ily-a-electric-personal-vehicle-unveiled-at-milan-design-week-2015 6-ily-a-electric-personal-vehicle-unveiled-at-milan-design-week-2015

all images courtesy of AISIN – videos courtesy of FUTURE ROBOTICS TECHNOLOGY CENTER