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Importance Of Basement Waterproofing And How It Protects Your Home

Importance Of Basement Waterproofing And How It Protects Your Home

The basement is a unique space in the home and is used for several purposes. Some use it as an extra room or storage space. Sometimes it is hardly used by homeowners. Regardless of the purpose for which your basement is being used, it requires some form of maintenance. Apart from being extra space, it is also an integral part of your home’s foundation.

One of such basement maintenance efforts is waterproofing. Basement waterproofing is often overlooked but has extensive protecting impacts on your home. Waterproofing services are offered by various companies including Oriole basement waterproofing. The importance and protective attributes of basement waterproofing are discussed below:

  1. Protect your Home’s Foundation

The basement is essentially a part of the foundation. It is the foundation that keeps your home structure stable and safe to live in. Where water seepage occurs in your foundation, there is a risk of your structure developing major foundational problems. Such damages include building settlements and cracks.

Waterproofing can prevent foundational problems right from the moment it is carried out. It is a way to prolong the life of your structure. Additionally, a stable foundation puts the inhabitants’ minds at rest.

  1. Keep your Properties Safe

Basements are multi-functional in many homes. Uses vary from extra room to storage spaces. If your basement space is used for any of these purposes, it must be waterproofed.

Most items get significantly damaged in a prolonged presence of water. It is unnecessary to put stored items to a water resistance test in the basement before waterproofing.

Waterproofing protects the properties you have down in the basement from moisture and eventual damage. Moreover, if it is an extra room, it will hardly be livable if there are the slightest signs of water seepage.

 Importance Of Basement Waterproofing And How It Protects Your Home

  1. Prevent Flooding

Flooding poses a severe threat to basement areas. This is particularly the case for basement areas that are below the foundation level. Rising groundwater and flash floods are primarily responsible for this problem.

Considerable damage may be done to your property if persistent flooding is allowed. Basic waterproofing techniques prevent basement flooding and protect the building as a whole.

  1. Prevent Mold and Pests Problems

Mold attacks in a building can cause significant health problems such as allergies, asthma, skin irritation, and coughing. It can also impact your building’s wooden structure and overall stability considerably. Unfortunately, a basement in a poor state is an ideal environment for mold growth. This is due to its features, such as a dark environment and its moist state.

Basements are often a target for pests in general because it is a tucked-away space you might not visit all the time. Some dangerous pests get attracted to moist, cool spaces like a basement where water has seeped in. Such pests include reptiles and rats. You should endeavor to prevent mold and pest attacks in your building by waterproofing your basement.

  1. Reduce Energy Costs

Energy costs increase in the presence of a warm and wet basement. This is because water retains high temperatures for long. Also, cracks in the foundation caused by a moist basement can become wide enough to allow the passage of air. It would cost more to heat or cool such a home.

Thus, the energy efficiency of a building with a leaking basement is very low. However, energy efficiency is important for homeowners because of a better impact on the environment and its cost reduction ability.

 Importance Of Basement Waterproofing And How It Protects Your Home

  1. Reduction of Repair Costs and Insurance Claim Costs

A basement that has suffered water penetration generally costs a lot to repair. The effects of water damage in basements extend to the painting, walls, and wood boards. If a homeowner was to repair the basement themselves, it requires a lot of money. Moreover, if they were to make insurance claims, it still costs good money to make those claims. A waterproofing exercise can prevent any of these avoidable costs in the future.

  1. It Increases your Property’s Value

Some of the smallest things impress buyers during a home inspection. If you ever plan to sell your home. A dry basement in good condition might be one of your big sells to a homebuyer. They are deemed easier to refurbish and finish. Prospective buyers can also vouch for your home’s structural integrity without a test carried out.

Final Thoughts

Basement waterproofing is an effortless way to prolong the life of your foundation and building. If you are using the basement as a storage space, waterproofing protects your properties.

It is a great way to prevent water seepage and eventual flooding. Mold and pest attacks are kept at bay with waterproofing. Reduced energy and damage repair costs are other perks for waterproofing your basement. Your overall property value increases with waterproofing. Click here to read more about the best waterproofing for American homes.