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6 Things You Can Do To Improve The Efficiency Of Your Air Conditioner

6 Things You Can Do To Improve The Efficiency Of Your Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner experiences a great deal of stress during summer time. You need to turn the unit on every day to keep your home cool. Although a cooling system is an essential home appliance during summer, you still need to find ways to make sure that you do not increase your electric expenses.

It will only be possible if your air conditioner is running efficiently. To cool your home, you need to increase your energy use by 6%. While this may sound like a lot, most homes, especially in the United States have cooling systems.

In keeping your air conditioning system energy efficient, you need to make sure that you are using it wisely. If your air conditioner is no longer operating correctly, you can expect it to consume more energy than average. For the air conditioner to work as proficiently as possible, taking some measures is necessary. These steps can help you have an efficient cooling system.

Use Fans Correctly

Fans can be a significant contributor to making your room feel cooler. It can improve comfort by increasing the thermostat’s temperature. However, there are also instances when incorrect use of fans can become detrimental. Ceiling fans are ideal for making your room feel cooler. More often than not, leaving the ceiling fan even when no one is using the room can also harm the appliance.

Add Insulation To Your Home

Although your air conditioning system is designed to provide you with a comfortable place to roost in, there are areas in your house that are not properly insulated. The lack of insulation results in losing conditioned air. You will notice that as your cooling system starts to work harder, your energy bills also increase. You have to add insulation to the areas so you can improve the efficiency of your air conditioner. If your ducts are exposed to hot areas, adding insulation around them can improve the temperature.

 6 Things You Can Do To Improve The Efficiency Of Your Air Conditioner

Schedule Regular Maintenance

By scheduling maintenance and routine service, you will be able to ensure that your home gets good indoor air quality. You have to call an HVAC professional to check your unit at least once a year. The HVAC contractor will inspect your air conditioner for problems like leaky ducts, clogged air filter, and other common air conditioner problems.

Your unit may not be less effective because of these issues. While they might seem like small issues, a system that is well maintained can run efficiently even in summer months. Annual inspections will also identify minor repair issues, which when not unaddressed can be costly.

Increase Ventilation

In keeping your home comfortable and your air conditioner efficient, you need to make sure that you have proper ventilation. Your air conditioner needs to work harder in some parts of your home that are not well-ventilated. If your kitchen and bathroom have vents with fans, they tend to pull moisture out of your home. The moisture makes your home stuffy and hot. Be sure to use these to maintain your thermostat to a higher level. You will continue to enjoy a comfortable home without worrying about your air conditioner.

Upgrade To A Highly Efficient Air Conditioner

There will be a significant change in your energy consumption if you choose an air conditioner with high efficiency. If you are still using an air conditioner that is more than ten years old, the efficiency of your system change as well. Some of its components may no longer be functioning properly. Even if it undergoes several repairs, they will not provide you maximum comfort.

Newer models have features which will enable you to save money by reducing your energy consumption. Go for this type of air conditioner because they can save you tons of money. If your air conditioner has been serving you for more than a decade, it is about time you make the switch. It will not hurt if you purchase a cooling system that will keep your home comfortable and cool. Talk to an Air Conditioning Repair Rockwall technician to know more.