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Incorporating Security and Safety In Your New Home Design

Incorporating Security and Safety In Your New Home Design

If you are designing a new home or making improvements to your existing home, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of incorporating safety and security. These important features can protect your valuables, your family, and your property.

Perimeter Security of Your Property

As our homes are changing, we need to incorporate more security. This is particularly true for people in their 20s and 30s who are transitioning from multi-residential properties like apartment buildings and condominiums which provide security measures, to owning their own home or their own condo for which they are responsible for providing security and safety in the home design. Live cameras mixed with a perimeter fence and gate can go a long way toward improving security and safety on your property. A home locksmith can install security gates around the perimeter of your property and you can, thereafter, plant hedges or bushes to add an extra layer of security and give you something aesthetically pleasing to look at. Gates with access codes can protect driveways and other entrances to your home especially if you live in a more secluded area and have a long driveway or don’t have a lot of neighbors nearby.

Motion Detector Lights

A professional residential locksmith you install motion detector lights. Motion detector lights can be a significant deterrent to potential robbers especially when they are used around the entirety of your property perimeter. Burglars can typically hide in dark places such as behind a shed or around the corner of your house along a smaller side yard. However, motion detector lights when installed throughout the entirety of your property can be triggered by any unwanted guests.  Homeowners who have pets or children will find that motion detector lights can be turned on and off so that every time the dogs go outside it doesn’t trigger all of the flood lights but every time you turn in for bed or plan to stay in for the night, it will illuminate any trespassers.

 Incorporating Security and Safety In Your New Home Design

Protective Doors

Protective security doors now offer even more options for incorporating security and safety into your new home design. When you are creating a new home, you might add additional doors and windows for easy access into each area of your home, such as:

  • garage door
  • backyard door
  • patio door
  • front door
  • side door

With new home security features you can integrate protective doors that come with some of the same features you can apply to sliding glass doors or large windows including specialized smart locks that necessitate a code rather than a key, or are link to your smartphone so that you can use your phone to provide access into and out of your house. Things like smart locks are more challenging for burglars than a traditional lock and key that can be picked with a kit ordered online.

You can also enjoy upgraded home security features for your screen doors so that you can work throughout the day or allow a cool breeze in your home in the evening, moving back and forth between your patio in your house knowing that all the while if somebody opens the front screen door, it will trigger an alarm or send a notification to your phone.

Caught on Camera

A good residential locksmith can help you install security cameras. Security cameras are not only beneficial for the perimeter of your property but they give you the opportunity to catch criminals in the act if the worst should happen, providing law enforcement with the information they need to conduct a follow-up. Cameras should be designed so that they are stationed high enough up that they cannot be tampered with and used in conjunction with motion detector lights so that lights provide Illumination in the same field of view as the cameras would record. You certainly don’t want to invest time and effort into installing home security cameras only to find them completely blinded when an Invader triggers your motion detector lights.

Overall, the best security features are those that integrate some combination of all of these components. Light alone may not deter every burglar but lights and a camera can certainly catch unwanted guests by surprise. Similarly, alarms on screen doors and windows will go a long way toward preventing the casual thief who was looking for an easy break in, and give you the peace of mind to be anywhere on your property knowing that every entrance is safe.