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Increase in Value: Kitchen Remodeling Tips for Your Next Home Improvement

Increase in Value: Kitchen Remodeling Tips for Your Next Home Improvement

It is not unusual for most homeowners to plan for a residence renovation every now and then. Aside from the sense of satisfaction from repairing broken parts, not to mention the comfort of a new environment, renovating can easily increase your home’s market value if ever you decide to put it up for sale. 

In every home improvement, one of the essential areas you should consider first is the kitchen – the central room of the household. Many families spend their time in this special area to cook and prepare meals, entertain each other, or simply relax. Therefore, it is fairly important to upgrade it not just to enhance its aesthetic get-up but its functionality, as well.

In addition to the look and purpose, kitchen remodeling can effectively increase your home’s overall net worth. Below are some tips for redesigning to get the most out of your kitchen area.

Make a Cabinet Upgrade

Cabinetry forms the basic foundation of any kitchen space, so paying close attention to its design, size, and other details can make a lot of difference. A cheap way to restore the beauty of your kitchen cabinets is by repainting and replacing their fixtures. However, when the material’s quality is rapidly degrading, covering it with a coat of paint would not be enough. 

This said, very old and greatly worn-out cabinets call for an immediate replacement. You can save a greater deal if you buy newer ones instead of having a complete make-over from time to time. If you are looking for items that fit your budget, you can go for ready to assemble cabinets online. 

Purchasing pre-assembled cabinets are way more affordable than working with a contractor. Aside from that, they also project a modern vibe and are especially solid and durable.

Update the Kitchen Walls

An effective way to change your kitchen’s feels, or any area of your home, is by giving its walls a fresh, new look. Putting patterned ceramic tiles in certain areas, like the backsplash, can add visual texture and personality to the overall kitchen design. You can also add wallpaper or paint the walls instead.

On the other hand, choosing the right paint color can be difficult. To be safe, go for the lighter ones. Painting the walls white or ivory makes it easier to add pops of color here and there as it can match almost any color combination. It even goes well with both rustic and sophisticated designs. In general, lighter tones are more calming for the eyes.

Install a Light Fixture

Besides improving storage and walls, proper lighting is also an important kitchen aspect. Installing light fixtures can instantly make the area look more modern, more elegant, and ultimately, more expensive. It also serves its purpose (that is, to brighten the place) pretty well.

Nowadays, geometric pendant lights are taking the lighting trend by storm. With its minimalist design, one simply cannot miss the classic, majestic atmosphere it offers. If you’re not sure about geometric, there are still many styles of pendant lights you can browse on the internet.

 Increase in Value: Kitchen Remodeling Tips for Your Next Home Improvement

Improve the Kitchen Island

Having a kitchen island is convenient because it serves various purposes: as a worksurface during meal preparations, it can be an alternative for a dining table and makes your kitchen an area to accommodate guests. Even more so, it can be a stunning focal point, especially when it complements the cabinets and countertop. 

The countertops of your kitchen island are the real MVP, and this is where you should put more focus on. Choosing the materials to be used and designs to incorporate can have a huge impact not just on its aesthetics and function but also on the costs. Ideally, a well-chosen one is more practical for the budget yet easier to maintain. 

Many durable countertops are made from natural stones, and among the most famous ones is granite. Slate, soapstone, and marble are also good alternatives, but marble stones are slightly more expensive. Nonetheless, you can also choose laminate or acrylic materials if you think that countertops made from natural stones don’t fit your style.

Don’t Forget The Flooring

When doing a kitchen make-over, it’s easy to ignore and forget the flooring design. After all, it’s not the first thing you see when you walk into the room. We usually think that “It’s just the floor, and it doesn’t matter anyway.” But it actually does. 

You might not have realized this earlier, but the beauty and magnificence of the whole room begin with what’s beneath. In fact, it is the flooring that greatly makes a statement. If it does not blend in with any of the cabinets, lighting, countertops, and other designs, your efforts in doing a kitchen update will just be put in vain. 

Hence, when renovating, always make sure that your floor complements the kitchen’s equipment and style.


Making improvements to your home takes a lot of time, from thorough planning to the actual renovation, effort, from finding the best materials, equipment, and workforce, and of course, money. However, you can choose to start small and begin working with one area at a time. Your kitchen is a good first candidate. 

As has been said, remodeling your kitchen can increase your home’s value in no time, and if you’re quite not sure where to start the upgrade, you can follow the tips mentioned above.