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Infiniti Q80 Inspiration concept car

At the Paris Motor Show 2014 Infiniti has unveiled its eye-catching Q80 Inspiration concept car. The four-door fastback aims to shake up the segment with progressive body styling and daring proportions that challenge convention. At five meters long and two meters wide, the Q80 Inspiration is only 53.1 inches (1350mm) at its highest point, further underlining its fastback contours.


Portal-style doors open into an artistically tailored interior which pampers the senses. The four individual leather seats give equal importance to driver and passengers, while the plunging panoramic glass roof creates a light, airy environment inside.


Showcasing ingenious innovations, the Q80 Inspiration previews autonomous driving technology which empowers and enhances the driving experience. It also provides a glimpse into a high-performance and efficient hybrid electric powertrain that is expected to deliver 550hp while returning 5.5L/100km.

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all images courtesy of INFINITI