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Installing An Indoor vs. Outdoor Spa: Which One Should You Choose?

Outdoor spa pool

Spa pools are excellent investments for anyone looking to improve their physical and mental well-being. Besides that, they’re among the assets known for increasing property value. However, once you’ve decided to invest in a pool spa, the big question is: Where do you place it?

There are outdoor and indoor pool spas, which benefit a homeowner in the ways mentioned above. Nevertheless, their location can interfere with the overall experience. This article contains valuable information to help you decide which is ideal. Continue reading to learn more!

What’s The Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor Spa Pools?

As already stated, indoor and outdoor spa pools offer similar health advantages. The only difference they have is where they’re located. An outdoor spa is located outside, allowing the user to enjoy the fresh air and everything nature offers. On the other hand, an indoor spa is located inside a building, allowing users to enjoy their privacy.

What To Consider When Choosing Between An Indoor And Outdoor Spa

There are things to be considered when choosing the right spa for your home. Failure to do so may result in investing in the wrong spa. Quality spa pools, such as Trueform Spa Pools, are long-term investments; hence, you should ensure to get it right when choosing. Among the most important things to consider are:


Excellent ventilation is paramount when it comes to installing an indoor spa. Insufficient ventilation can encourage mold and mildew growth in your home. Therefore, you should invest in a ventilator to enable hot, moist air circulation if you choose an indoor spa. Before purchasing an indoor spa, determine if installing a ventilator in the designated room is practical.

Fortunately, ventilation isn’t an issue when it comes to outdoor spas. An outdoor spa is unlikely to promote mold growth. If you think ventilation will be an issue if you install an indoor spa, settle for an outdoor spa instead.

Available Space

Space is crucial when deciding whether to invest in an indoor or outdoor spa. If you lack enough indoor space, buying an indoor spa might require you to build an extra room to shelter it, which equals more costs. However, if your interior space is limited but the backyard is large enough, it might be excellent to settle for an outdoor spa.

 Indoor spa pool

Your Needs

Every homeowner has different needs and wants. What works for a particular person might not work for another. Considering your needs will greatly help you choose the perfect spa for you and your family. For example, suppose you suffer from seasonal allergies or enjoy spending most of your time indoors. In that case, an indoor spa might be your ideal choice.

Also, if you highly regard your privacy or have an outdoor water feature, it might be better to settle for an indoor spa. Additionally, homeowners with already complete backyard landscapes should choose indoor spas, especially if they don’t want to interfere with their backyard appearance.

On the other hand, if you’re more into spending quality time outside or don’t have an existing water feature in your backyard, an outdoor spa might be right for you. Consider an outdoor spa, too, if your backyard has extra space that can fit a spa.


While some people enjoy soaking in hot spas when it’s raining or snowing, it’s vital to consider the amount of damage an outdoor spa may experience. An outdoor spa is prone to elements that can interfere with its durability. Additionally, falling leaves and debris can increase the cleaning frequency, adding to the maintenance costs. Also, heavy rain and hail can damage the spa, while snow and sunlight can affect the cover’s integrity.

Luckily, these factors are a non-issue for indoor spas. They aren’t affected by the elements and are likely to last long.

Privacy And Convenience

If you care more about your privacy, settle for an indoor spa. Outdoor spas are exposed and don’t offer privacy; hence, anyone walking by can have a clear view of what’s happening. Outdoor spas are convenient, though, since you can soak anytime without making a mess in your house.


Both outdoor and indoor spas are great investments. They’re ideal for unwinding and spending quality time with loved ones. However, their location can affect the experience, convenience, and durability. For instance, an outdoor spa will likely have a short life since it’s exposed to external elements. On the other hand, an indoor spa can encourage mold growth if your home doesn’t have sufficient ventilation. If you’re torn between these two spas, consider the abovementioned information to ensure you choose the best.