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Interior Design: What to Write About?

Minimalist house in Japan

We’ve noticed that many people studying interior design seek essay writing help as this topic is not quite easy to reflect on. Where to start? What to discuss? What is worth mentioning? Answers to such questions are usually posted on Write My Essay and similar websites and forums. Still, we’d like to provide you with some interior design ideas you might want to add to your piece of writing.

The Importance and Prospects of the Interior Designer Profession

Domestic designs aren’t possible without suitable specialists. So, it’s worth mentioning that interior design is a trendy and well-paid profession today. Domestic decoration can affect labor productivity, people’s health, and their safety. Therefore, many are happy to use the services of a professional designer. The time of standardization has passed, and every person wants to live in a house that is different from others, both externally and internally. Therefore, a professional who can individualize the space for living, working, or relaxing will always be in deserved demand.

Basic Styles in the Interior

Another great topic regarding interior designs is the most common styles. In general, domestic design types are divided into 3 main groups, where each has some common characteristics. However, within the boundaries of a separate group, specific style decisions have characteristic features:

  • classical or historical styles are closely associated with the art and architecture of specific historical periods and are appropriate for decorating rooms of considerable size. Classics (baroque, rococo, modern, gothic, etc.) involve finishing work using natural raw materials, expensive furniture, and decor (to a moderate extent). Ordering an interior design in this style means dooming yourself to considerable budget costs;
  • ethnic style carries national characteristics and colors. It is rare in its pure form, but ethnical motifs in various other styles often look original. Ethnic motifs of apartment interiors are spectacular with small details of the decor. When ordering a design project in one of the ethnic styles, it is important to have knowledge of the national traditions, culture, and architectural features of the country, and its indigenous population;
  • modern styles are trends of the last 100 years. They are, as a rule, a combination of bizarre designs, including separate fragments of classical or ethnic styles. The modernity of design lies in the openness to various experimental innovations with form, color, and texture. Absorbing diverse ideas from other stylistic solutions, modern styles are highly functional, aesthetic, practical and adapt well to human needs. This includes, for example, grunge styles, minimalism, neoclassicism, hi-tech, and others. Modern styles are more democratic, and ordering an interior design project for yourself will not be difficult.

And then, you can focus on one of the mentioned groups, describing all its sub-styles and peculiarities. 

 Interior of a Scandinavian style restaurant

Examples of Modern Styles

Modern interior designs are definitely the most discussed topic. There are hundreds of them, but we’ll give details on the most well-known styles:

  • The Scandinavian style is a kind of ethnic direction of interior design with an open layout and wide doors, the dominance of white and pastel shades, the moderation of bright colors, the naturalness of the materials used (wood, linen, ceramics, etc.), and large windows to maximize natural light. The decor is usually minimal.
  • High-tech is universalism, simplicity, modernity, a minimum of decor, and a wealth of free space. The dominant color palette is black, white, and gray; harmonious bright elements are not excluded. The walls are discreet, they can imitate brickwork. Design projects usually provide for the organization of zones with metal or plastic partitions. Minimum accessories are used.
  • Minimalism involves the placement of the most necessary items and accessories, the maximum free space, the correct geometry in the layout, and strict color schemes. This style is more comfortable than high-tech: it is suitable for rooms of any configuration and size. The palette is dominated by light, muted and gray shades, combined with bright accessories. Furniture usually has straight lines and is often in the form of a cube (glass, plastic, wood). In lighting, built-in lamps of simple shapes are used. Accessories carry the function of color “revitalization” of the interior.


These are just a few interior design essay ideas you can focus on. You can also mention the advantages of hiring professional designers, virtual tools for creating domestic decoration plans, etc. But if you still think that’s not creative enough, you can always try an essay writing service!