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Interior Door Trends 2023: Modern & Sleek

Pivoting glass door

Regardless of whether you are renovating a newly purchased apartment or have decided to update an old one, most likely you will decide to purchase new contemporary modern doors. As much as it may seem that choosing a door is an easy task – no. To choose the right one that will serve you for a long time, you need to know their characteristics and types. In this article, we will analyze not only the trends of 2023 but also analyze the characteristics of popular doors.

The Best Interior Doors 2023

Below we will tell you about the most popular interior doors.

Space-saving Doors

Folding doors are space-saving elements. They serve not only to save living space but also to quickly transform the premises and create small work areas that do not require complete sound and heat insulation. There are two mail types: Bi-fold, Tri-fold.

Another type that saves space is a sliding door. It is possible to divide and isolate the spaces of different zones in a house or apartment with the use of such a design. They are actively used in the living room, kitchen, dressing room, bathroom, and bedroom. They are of three types: pocket, bypass, and barn.

Eco-doors Doors

  • Eco-friendly solid wood doors are built entirely of solid wood. Unlike other type, they are strong and provide better thermal and sound insulation;
  • Veneered Doors. Because of the natural component, which belongs to the type of wood and is produced in the form of thin sheets up to 10 mm wide, these ones can be accurately called ecological. The advantages of this type include resistance to moisture and temperatures, a long period of use, as well as the characteristics of how wooden doors seem.
    • Solid Core– they are filled with a mixture of wood particles inside;
    • Hollow Core Doors are made from rigid honeycomb boards encased in a wood frame to keep their shape.
    • With Glass Panels. They provide a vast array of design options, are lightweight, and are noiseless.

Swing Doors

Somehow it happened that today this one is the most typical kind. In simple terms, these are the elements that swing open, inviting a person to enter the room. They may have different appearances and differ from each other in some design features, but in general, their structure has remained unchanged for thousands of years.

Panel Doors

Interior doors in the panel form are most likely the most prevalent. They look wonderful in practically any type of home because of their straightforward silhouette. Depending on how many panels you desire, these ones come in a wide selection of styles. They come in panel counts ranging from two to twelve, there are alternatives with more panels.

The panels can be laid both horizontally and vertically – as a rule, the more panels a door has, the more formal it appears.

Glass or mirrored panels can be used in panel doors.

Such custom interior doors can be made by special firms such as Doors Los Angeles. Often such companies have delivery throughout the country.

 Wooden wall door

French Doors 

Interior French doors are a kind of seal, in which at least 80% of the area is occupied by glass inserts. Glass sizes and designs, such as those with one or more panels, wide or narrow leaves, a fixed door, stained-glass window framing, etc., can all vary. The requirements for the strength of the structure and the interior of the room influence the choice of an inside model.

Full Height Doors

A full height one is different from a conventional type in that it rises all the way to the room’s ceiling. They can be a height of 3 m. These ones are offered both with and without a frame. When building, the doors must already be installed if you choose a copy without a frame. If you decide to choose a type with a frame, you should put on the door quickly once the house is built.

Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are a great alternative to conventional swing stuff. This original solution favorably emphasizes the design of the room and saves space. One of the key advantages of the design is the universal opening in both directions.

Doors With Structures & Patterns

Doors with structures and patterns will be a great solution for your house. There are a ton of pre-made examples with structures and designs. But if you have already coordinated the pattern with the designer, you have the option of making such doors to order. Louvered Doors, which are frequently used for closet entry, are one alternative for such elements.

For interior doors, every parameter is important: from size to the type of coating, from design to filling. In addition, many tend to follow fashion trends and install doors in the current shade. To make your home reflect great taste, consider which colors are popular in 2023.

  • Being stylistically neutral, the gray color will “take root” in every interior, because it will look advantageous in tandem with practically any scale. Aesthetically attractive is the combination of gray with white, yellow, green, red, pink, purple, and electric blue;
  • Shades of brown remain classics of the genre in 2023: oak, walnut, chestnut, elm, and ash. They are popular not only for standard opening types such as swing and double swing doors but also for sliding systems.
  • Interior doors in black are a common design choice that allows you to create an unusually stylish interior. They will become a spectacular design accent and will organically fit into any modern interior style.
  • Monochrome tons are a great solution for people who love minimalism.
  • Also, a fantastic and stylish option would be to use doors with pops of color, such as peach, coral, teal, orange, blue, and purple.


In conclusion, we want to once again draw attention to how critical it is to be familiar with door characteristics. Knowing the yearly trends will not be sufficient, it is important to fully understand what the doors are and whether they will suit your apartment. We trust you’ll find this material useful.