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Is Your Residential Home Protected With A Dead-Bolt?

Dead-locks are a great defense against criminal damage. Dead-locks are hard to manipulate and require special tools to even try.  Juliet Locksmith Brooklyn, NY says that criminals will not hang around your home trying to get past a dead-lock, instead, they move on to somewhere else.  These types of locks are important to have on all your doors from the front door, back door and even the patio door lock can all be fitted with the latest dead-locks.  You will need a locksmith to install them for you, but they can be installed the same day depending on how many you are requiring.

Installing an intercom system

Intercoms give you the ability to know and control who is coming in and out of any door, without needing to be right there.  With intercom systems, you can see who is at the main gate from your office desk. There are many of these security systems which all have different features and prices. You can get some models that are audio only so you can ask who is at the door while others have a fully functioning video set-up with added zooming features.  Ensure you have one of these to capture all the activity that happens at your door.  Give Juliet Locksmith Brooklyn, NY a call to enquire getting one for your business or residence.

Card Access & Keypads for the office

With the use of technology, we now have card access and keypads as another security system measure for your office. Juliet Locksmith can install them on small and large businesses with the benefit of not needing to hand out keys.  Access is restricted to those who know the passcodes or own a key card. You can set the time as when access can be denied.  If you want to stop employees coming to the business after hours you can restrict the use of passcodes and key cards at certain hours.  You can fully operate them yourself and a locksmith will be more than willing to show you how everything works.  These are impressive and avoid the delays of missing or lost keys and unauthorized access.

Can I request a quote before any work is done?

Yes, you can.  Everyone is looking for a fair and reasonable price especially when it comes to something important like home or business security.  Most locksmiths will offer a no-obligation quote for lock and key services. For something easy like a broken key extraction, they can often tell you over the phone what price you are looking at.  For more complex things like security systems and magnetic key locks the team at Juliet Locksmith Brooklyn, NY will visit your premises first to look at your doors and windows and access the area to give you a quote. There may be weekend fees and fees if they work evenings. Ensure you are away of added costs before hiring a locksmith Brooklyn, NY.

 Is Your Residential Home Protected With A Dead-Bolt?

I just moved to a new house can I get security now?

Juliet Locksmith Brooklyn, NY knows that Moving somewhere new is stressful and most times we tend to forget about security with so much going on.  Ensure you get a new lock installation done in order to keep the premises safe from previous tenants or owners who may still have a key.  Even if you have built a new home there have been cases where construction workers have kept a key and have later returned to home to steal items in between when you are moving to a new house.  Don’t risk it get onto a re-keying service and some new window locks to ensure your family home is well protected.

Verifying the business, you are interested in

Many companies can claim to be able to do this and that and have the qualifications needed for the job.  Both you and I could claim to be able to do it too and without anyone asking for proof of qualifications no one is any the wiser.  You could be paying a locksmith Brooklyn, NY to install window locks or give you a re-keying service where they make a copy of the key and keep it or simply do a bad job leaving you open to criminal damage.  Juliet Locksmith Brooklyn, NY says you need to check out their address if it appears to be a vacant lot of chances are it’s a scam.  Visit their office and check out their credentials and certificates and look for some feedback about their services.  You cannot be too careful these days.

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