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Japanese Designers Create Nameless Paint Set


Japanese designer duo Yusuke Imai and Ayami Moteki have created a set of “Nameless Paints” whose colors are simply identified with visual depictions of the primary colors mixed inside. “By not assigning names to the colors we want to expand the definition of what a color can be, and the various shades they can create by mixing them,” explains Yusuke Imai.


Instead of using written names, each tube in the 10-color paint set is identified by one or more circles of color. Some tubes of the set features more than one circle: in this case, the size of the circle indicates the proportion of paint that were mixed to create the color inside. This project aim to completely change the way children learn and think about color.

The design originally won a 2012 Kokuyo Design Award, and has undergone refinements over the last few years. The set finally go on sale in October of 2015 in Japan for roughly $15 USD (more info kokuyo.co.jp).

 japanese-designers-create-nameless-paint-set-3 japanese-designers-create-nameless-paint-set-4

all images courtesy of kokuyo | H/t spoon tamago