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Jays launches new q-Jays, the World’s smallest earphones


Swedish headphone maker Jays introduces their 2nd generation q-Jays,  the world’s smallest earphones made with exchangeable cables. Engineered like a set of reference loudspeaker monitors, q-JAYS feature dual speakers built into each side, one for low frequencies and one for midrange and highs.


Features include tailor-made acoustic filters, dual balanced armature drivers, built-in dual speakers for multiple frequencies, bass ports and removable, laser-cut protective filters. q-Jays have a wide range of cable module options available, including remote and mic solutions for iOS, Windows and Android devices. A matt proprietary scratch-resistant anti-fingerprint coating gives the q-Jays their charcoal black look.

The new q-JAYS will be available soon with a price of $399 USD.

 2-jays-launches-new-q-jays-the-worlds-smallest-earphones 3-jays-launches-new-q-jays-the-worlds-smallest-earphones5-jays-launches-new-q-jays-the-worlds-smallest-earphones

all images courtesy of JAYS