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Jewelry Collection ‘Single-Stroke’ by Nendo

Jewelry Collection ‘Single-Stroke’ by Nendo

Akihiro Yoshida

Japanese studio Nendo designed a jewelry collection made of ten-carat gold chains hand-brazed in places to harden the chain, so that the hardened parts appear to trace out specific patterns.

The collection consists of seven different necklaces and five sets of earrings, each available in both white and yellow gold. The necklaces and earrings seem to have been drawn by hand, in a single stroke, giving rise to the collection’s name.


The Single-Stroke collection has been shown as part of Nendo’s solo exhibition in Milan’s Brera district during the Salone del Mobile 2014 and is sold at Seibu department stores in Japan.

 3-jewelry-collection-single-stroke-by-nendo 4-jewelry-collection-single-stroke-by-nendo 5-jewelry-collection-single-stroke-by-nendo 6-jewelry-collection-single-stroke-by-nendo 7-jewelry-collection-single-stroke-by-nendo 8-jewelry-collection-single-stroke-by-nendo 9-jewelry-collection-single-stroke-by-nendo