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Kicksta Vs Combin? A Side-by-side Comparison of Instagram Automation

Kicksta Vs Combin? A Side-by-side Comparison of Instagram Automation

Everyone wants to be popular on Instagram, but it’s tedious to wait for your efforts to get noticed. This is where Instagram automation tools shine and perform their magic. The rising competition has led to an overwhelming increase in tools that can help you gain engagement on Instagram. If you are confused between the best sites to buy Instagram followers or Instagram marketing tools, it’s natural to switch to Google for answers. Amongst various options, Kicksta and Combin often remain a recurring result. So, if you are confused between the two, here is a side-by-side comparison of Instagram automation to make your task easier.


The Instagram automation tool, Kicksta comes with an online dashboard through which you can expand your following. Kicksta works by scouting for profiles that are similar to yours or profiles, or whose followers consist of your target audience. It then takes care of actively engaging with those profiles without being blacklisted. Once you come to the notice of those users, they can check you out, follow you if they resonate with your content, and help you gain engagement on Instagram.

Combin has a somewhat similar function. Through this desktop tool, you can choose posts and profiles that you are interested in. Once you choose your target audience, you will be given an option to choose your mode of interaction: liking, commenting, or following. Combin will automatically take care of engaging actively with your target at a reasonable pace on Instagram using Influencer marketing is a boon.


When it comes to the variety and quality of features and filters, Kicksta can kick out most other platforms from the competition! If you are looking for targeted audience growth, Kicksta is one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers through automation itself. Kicksta ensures organic growth from real followers so it automatically filters out inactive, suspicious, new, and private users. Moreover, it also allows users to set filters based on gender, business profiles, languages, and profanity. This way, you can get authentic engagements and time-tested safety.

Combin engages on your behalf based on location, hashtags, and competitor’s followers. Its advanced filters also allow users to pin several filters for results such as comment and like count, postdate, and more so users can be aware of the best potential followers. You can choose your form of engagement like comments, following, or likes. Combin gives you the option to type the comments manually while it takes care of executing them. One of the exceptional features of Combin is the ability to manage multiple accounts.

 Kicksta Vs Combin? A Side-by-side Comparison of Instagram Automation

Customer Success Manager

An exceptional feature of Kicksta, its customer success manager deserves a special mention. Customer Success Manager adds a more real and human touch to the entire process of Instagram automation and helps to gain engagement on Instagram more effectively. This access to CSM ensures that brands that get help from dedicated individuals with the right hashtags, Instagram branding, followers increase, increasing brand awareness, and more.

Even though the Combin team provides users with several benefits like Advanced Instagram search, scheduling posts, preview, sorting, effortless communication, etc., it lacks in providing a more human touch through features like CSM.

Growth and Analytics

The foremost thing that you can see on Kicksta is your dashboard, from where you can track your growth. The dashboard shows your daily statistics such as how many followers you have gained. You can also check how your recent posts are doing so you optimize accordingly to gain engagement on Instagram.

The desktop application Combin keeps a record of all your information and presents a growth report accordingly. The tool also presents its users with a dashboard so users can keep a track of their analytics and reflect their growth. However, it is to be noted that Combin only shows the growth that has been a result of its actions. If there’s any third-party hike or loss of followers, that will not be reflected in the Combin dashboard.

Pricing and Plans

The payment plan of Kicksta is every month, consisting of 2 pricing options with different features. Its standard plan costs $49 ensuring a moderate growth speed, video targets, and 10 targets. Its premium plan for $99 consists ensures maximum growth, video onboarding, 40 targets, VIP email support, live chat support, and blacklisting.

Combin consists of three plans: starter, personal, and business. You can try out all the basic functionalities of the tool for free in its starter plan. The personal plan is for 1 business account and costs $15 monthly. The business plan costs $30 monthly for all advanced-level features. Combin is the clear winner when it comes to comparing prices.

Bottom Line

We can see that both the platforms have got their own selling propositions. While you can get to manage multiple accounts on Combin, Kicksta can offer you a human touch. On one hand, Kicksta can provide unique filters but Combin can provide you free scheduling of posts. So, to determine the perfect pick for your brand, you must plan out your content strategy to gain engagement on Instagram. Once you plan it out you can see which tool is more in alignment with your goals as both options come under the best sites to buy Instagram followers through smart targeting. However, if you are looking for more affordable options, we would suggest you go with Combin as it provides premium features under a good deal.