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Kings Cross Pedestrian Tunnel with Integrated Lightwall

The Kings Cross Pedestrian Tunnel has been designed by Allies & Morrison architects to form a link between Kings Cross and St. Pancras stations; a route which 100,000 people take per day. The light wall is the main focus of the tunnel, located on the outside of the curve, measuring nearly 100m long.


The Light Lab designed, manufactured & installed the seamlessly jointed glass wall, backlit with LEDs capable of emitting the full RGB spectrum & a white light spectrum from 3.0K to 6.0K. This provides a continuous curved appearance, with no shadow lines throughout.


The lighting design concept by The Cross Kings, has created lighting in stunning muted pastels, so that the feeling of walking through the tunnel is not a harsh, neon experience, but rather works very subtley alongside the pedestrian, to create a soothing, relaxing journey.


all images © JOHN STURROCK