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Kitchen Glass Countertops Buyers Guide 2021

Kitchen Glass Countertops Buyers Guide 2021

The most important place at your home is the kitchen. It is kind of the home heart. The entire taste of the homeowner reflects through the kitchen. The modern kitchens are indeed elegant, but they also have some smart setup. That wise setup provides the interior with a trendy look. For the modern stylish elegant kitchen setup, the countertop is a vital part to consider. 50% of the kitchen look depends on the countertop surface. 

The problem here is there are a wide variety of countertop options. You may get confused with a lot of alternatives. Some options are quartz countertops, glass countertops, marble countertops, granite countertops, and concrete countertops, etc. Here, taking the right decision to pick the perfect one is very important. So, how will you understand which one is the right choice for you? It depends on your desire on, which one will be fit for your job.

If you are looking for a modern unique look, then you can decide with custom cut glass type countertops. However, it is not easy to buy the right one instantly. You need to keep some checking factors in your mind when you are on the field of buying a countertop of glass material. The guidelines here can walk you through the right way. This buyer guide is especially considering 2021 desiring factors. Here you will get everything you need to learn about buying your countertop that will perfectly fulfill your necessity.

What to look for in a glass countertop?

Glass is an uncommon type of countertop material. It provides a clean, stylish, and sanitary countertop surface. However, you will not get as much available. In the selling points, you will get a multitude of configurations, designs, and price points. You need to find out the right one for you. When you are buying, check the following factors so that it ultimately suits your lifestyle.

  • The Right Glass Countertops Surface for Your Kitchen

Just like another type of countertops, at first, you think about your lifestyle. That will determine how you are intending to use the countertop. You will get the glass as a good fit countertop but that depends on your lifestyle. Think about your family members, kids, cooking preparation and frequency, etc. It will define whether it is right for you or not. If you have already decided, you surely want the most beautiful and stylish one. However, this also needs to fulfill some other factors. 

Make sure that the glass type is durable. The glass surface needs to be scratch-proof as you have to use knives in your kitchen. Consider the design based on home decor.

  • The Maximum Budget

The price depends on several variables like glass type, size, glass dimension, or any additions. A very rough range for anywhere is approximately $60 to $300 per square foot. It varies from brand to brand. For example, you will get the recycled glass for countertops in an affordable range. You may get the price range from around $ (75 – 100)/square foot. Here, you have to pay extra for counters with solid substrates. For solid glass for countertops, it will be a bit pricey, because these require special equipment in manufacture. And the manufacturers are limited in number, as all cannot handle the process.  So, you might have to pay approximately $100 to over $300 per square ft.

The price may vary for custom orders. The best way is, decide your requirements and ask for a price quotation from the suppliers. 

  • Thickness and Dimension

You will get glass thickness from 1/8″ (3mm) to 3/4″ (19mm). However, for kitchen use, the thickness is preferable from 5/32″ (4mm) to more depend on size. More thickness ensures more protection. You can fix the dimension based on your kitchen size. If you do not get the size available, order for customized size.

  • Colour Pattern: Light Vs Dark Shade

You have a wide range to choose the color pattern. However, choose the color based on your home interior. One thing is the light color shade seems more clearly and fresh looking. However, these need more cleaning maintenance. You need to keep extra careful to prevent scratches on a light color countertop. Besides, the dark color provides an elegant look. Dark shade can save you a bit from maintenance factors.

  • Edge options: Beveled edge options

Beveled polish, flat polish, ogee polish, pencil polish, etc., are some edge options. You can select a beveled edge which consists of a slight slope that makes a square edge. It will ensure you the best elegant look for your kitchen.

  Kitchen Glass Countertops Buyers Guide 2021

Where to Buy Top Quality Glass for Countertops?

Getting the quality glass for your kitchen countertop is not a matter of one two three. This type of countertop is not easily available like marble or granite one. When you will look for the authorized supplier, you might face some trouble. Surely, you will not get the quality glass from the local glass shops or home improvement stores. The best way is searching online. It is a compatible way with present era. You can filter your search with preferred style, color, type, etc. when you get your desired one, visit the website to check and compare different brands. Then, you can reach out to the specific individual supplier. You can easily check the supplier authentication online. Also, it is the best way to compare several products from different brands and suppliers. 

When you will select the supplier online, you need to check some important factors from placing an order to get delivery. 

  • First of all, check the product quality. If there is any confusion, ask the seller to get a clear concept about the earlier mentioned checking points. 
  • The delivery system, if your area is available on their delivery list or not. If not, how will they deliver the goods? 
  • Security of payment system
  • Check the product specifications carefully before ordering. Compare it with the received product if the specifications are the same or not.
  • Return policy in case of damage during shipping
  • Customer support system after-sales.

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