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KITH Women’s Store in SoHo by Snarkitecture


To introduce its brand first ready-to-wear women’s collection, Ronnie Fieg’s KITH has opened a retail establishment that’s tailored to heighten the female shopper’s experience. Designed in collaboration with frequent partner Snarkitecture, the Kith Women’s store provides an intimate and luxurious experience for customers.

The space is approximately 400 sq ft, but appears to be much larger due to its unique arrangement. Kith’s clean minimalist aesthetic is maintained, as the floor is crafted from custom herringbone white Carrera marble, and both left and right walls are entirely mirrors. The left wall exhibits a beautiful display of marble shelving for women’s footwear, as well as fully casted Air Jordan 3’s (reflecting Kith’s other two stores, which have fashioned Air Jordan 1 and 2 casts in succession).


The right wall displays the Kith Women’s brand hanging from a refined stainless steel railing that subtly extends and retracts back into the full size mirror wall. Perhaps the most dynamic facet of this new space is a fully marble dumbwaiter, which resides in the middle of the store’s floor. This will be used to retrieve product for customers, as a marble tray lifts the desired product from beneath the floor through a 4 ft marble pillar and into a glass case, which is then handed to the customer.

The Kith’s Women Store is located at 64 Bleecker St., New York.

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all images courtesy of KITH