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Labyrinth Table by Benjamin Nordsmark


Danish artist, designer and craftsman Benjamin Nordsmark has created the Labyrinth Table to show how a well known object like a table can be given an extra dimension by creating a small universe inside of it. The Labyrinth consist of several walls under a sheet of diamont glass. Inside there are six characteristic figures that can be moved through the labyrinth by magnetic handles underneath it. Most people possibly remember from their childhood how they used to play with miniature figures in small universe similar to the real world. These nostalgic feelings are the ones that the table should generate in peoples minds and encourage them to explore and to go deeper into the story of the labyrinth.

The table was built up with a main core in steel to make it strong enough to last for decades and was later on covered up with 5 mm of maple wood. A nice thing about this detail is that the handles stick to all of the surfaces on the table because of the magnetisme.


2-labyrinth-table-by-benjamin-nordsmark 3-labyrinth-table-by-benjamin-nordsmark 4-labyrinth-table-by-benjamin-nordsmark 5-labyrinth-table-by-benjamin-nordsmark 6-labyrinth-table-by-benjamin-nordsmark 7-labyrinth-table-by-benjamin-nordsmark

all images © ISIS MEANDER – video courtesy of BENJAMIN NORDSMARK