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Lawn Care 101:  7 Plants That Are The Perfect Fit For Your Grass

Lawn Care 101:  7 Plants That Are The Perfect Fit For Your Grass

A beautiful garden landscape that’s perfectly designed with seasonal flowers and beautifully blended color palette is a dream of every gardening enthusiast. Your garden reflects your personal taste and can be a beautiful expression of your creativity. While designing your perfect garden landscape, you can bring out the uniqueness of your plants and grasses by pairing them aesthetically, to create a visual treat. 

If you’re planning to add some splash of color to your garden or want to line the entrance path with vibrant flowers complimenting the grass, regular lawn care and maintenance will be necessary. However, to maintain a garden with minimum effort you may opt for plants that are low maintenance and seasonal. Additionally, you may call in lawn care professionals like yardsmart for lawn maintenance. 

To create a beautiful landscape for your garden, we look at some popular plants that can be integrated with your garden grasses.

Plants That Pair Well with Ornamental Grass

Ornamental grass is very versatile and can be used for various landscape designs. However, choosing plants that’ll work well with them, requires some valuable consideration to their size, light and water needs. Plants that fit well with ornamental grass will have the same growing conditions and are expected to complement each other in terms of size. Some of the plants that blend well with ornamental grass include the following:

  1. Meteor Shower Verbena

This airy variety of clustered flowers has beautiful pinkish-purple flowers that bloom into lilac flowers. It grows from late spring to mid fall and grows upward. When paired with skyrocket fountain grass, this combination gives off a cool color palette that’s very soothing. Meteor shower verbena has a very delicate texture that complements the soft green and white tones of the grass. This plant almost always attracts bees and butterflies and blooms in abundance. Both these plants require occasional lawn care, moderate moisture and full sunlight. Since both these plants grow up to 3 inches, they blend well and are a perfect combination for lining your driveway. 

  1. Pride and Joy Sedum

The iconic autumn flowering sedums come alive with the arrival of fall. Pink flowering sedums grow as rich foliage and add a soft pink palette to your landscape when paired with apache rose switch grass. Both plants bloom in the fall season. Both plants are low maintenance and can thrive in dry, rocky soil. 

 Lawn Care 101:  7 Plants That Are The Perfect Fit For Your Grass

  1. Petunias

This summer plant is known for its variety of colors and patterns. You can find them with patterns or stripes or splashes. Coral, fuchsia and violet are some colors that can brighten up a landscape. This plant grows abundantly and fills up the space with vigor in a short period of time. When paired with a grass like vertigo that also grows abundantly, both these plants can transform a space into a luscious and colorful landscape. Both these plants require full sun and average moisture conditions to grow. 

  1. Sanguisorba Black Thorns

Black thorn plants are delicate in appearance and can be paired with different varieties of grass. These flowers delicately bloom at the top of the stem. When planted with sufficiently taller grass, they seem to be swimming in the sea of grass. With straight, fluffy and tiny flowers, this plant are easy to grow and requires moist soil.

  1. Orange Geranium

This bright orange flower with luscious green foliage blooms from summer to frost. When paired with purple fountain grass with deep purple foliage and rose gold bloom, it creates a warm color palette, reflecting the colors of fall. Orange geranium is adaptable to all types of well-drained soil and are easy to maintain. 

  1. Cleome

These pink or lilac flowers bloom in summer and last till frost. Cleomes are spider shaped flowers that are large and intricate in appearance. Add a bright splash of color to your garden by pairing cleomes with purple fountain grass. The fluffy plumage of the grass and the lilac flower clusters create a beautiful layered tapestry for your garden. Cleomes are easy to maintain as they are drought resistant and heat tolerant. Both these plants require full sunlight and average water. 

  1. Tuscan Sun

This bright yellow, daisy like flower with deep green foliage grow through summer. With a glossy texture and bright appearance, Tuscan Sun can add a bright splash to your landscape. It can be planted alongside Cheyenne sky switch grass with deep red tones. As both the plants grow in clusters, the landscape creates a bright color palette that’s complementary. Both these plants are easy to grow and require full sun and average to dry soil. Since Tuscan Sun attracts a lot of bees and butterflies, expect a lot of visitors in your garden. 

 Lawn Care 101:  7 Plants That Are The Perfect Fit For Your Grass

Lawn Care Tips

To ensure that your garden landscape remains beautiful and the soil is well nourished though out the seasons, regular maintenance is essential. To prevent your beautiful garden from getting weed infested, here’s what you can do.

  • Remove Weeds and Moss: Weeds and moss infest the plants and prevent the nutrients from reaching their roots. This can drastically affect your landscape. You can use your hands to remove the weed or spray a light fertilizer. However, it’s easier to call on professional help for garden maintenance. 
  • Regular Mowing and Edging: While mowing your lawn, cut one third length of the grass. Ensure that you don’t mow on wet soil as that can affect the growth of the grass. 
  • Watering: It’s essential to water your lawns regularly as insufficient water can lead to color changes and the grass will lose its spring. For best results, water the grass in the beginning of the day. 


With an array of available options, you can create a different tapestry for each season using different ornamental grasses and seasonal flowers. To get a perfect garden, get creative with different color palette and textures. From a soft tapestry of spring flowers to a vibrant fall landscape, your garden can be thriving and beautiful round the year. However, the key to success lies in proper care and maintenance of your lawn.