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Layout Design Software for Mac — Swift Publisher

Layout Design Software for Mac — Swift Publisher

As for now, I have been already using the Swift Publisher for a couple of years, and I am definitely proud to recommend solutions that stand out among other publishing tools for Mac. With its help, I receive the necessary level of versatility and freedom in my work to boost up the quality of my projects.

When we are just about to start looking for excellent pages alternative for Mac, we focus on how functional and efficient the software is. In the role of a long-term Swift Publisher user, I can prove how smooth and pain- or hassle-free the learning curve is likely to be for any customer, regardless of his skills.

The main thing to review about this solution is its simplicity in the operation interface. Unlike Photoshop or similar super-advanced but very complicated giants on the market, Swift Publisher allows me and my colleagues to get fast access to the features I need. Besides, a little practice is necessary to check how rich the services of the option are.

 Layout Design Software for Mac — Swift Publisher

Support Team

It may seem unexpected to review the professionalism of the support team as one of the main advantages of the service for Mac, but there are several reasons for it. First of all, the provider offers a great system of video tutorials, documentation, and useful articles, so that it is as simple as ABC to improve my knowledge about the platform whenever I need and want to.

Besides, my inquiries and requests are always checked and responded to in a timely manner. It is a great feeling to be treated in a wonderful way by the service provider. On the website, you can reach different departments of the team to get a faster and more accurate reply.


A lot of Swift Publisher reviews and feedback are similar, when it comes to describing how powerful the program’s features are. With over 500 templates and dozens of customizable functions, it takes less effort to create a treasure project for further publishing and sharing with the target audience. This layout design software for Mac differentiates with its graphic tools with controllable behavior, excellent text editing, etc.

Most of all, I like the ability to view and design two pages side-by-side, recreating the repeated content in a click. Just check Master Pages and Two-Page Spreads with the offered free trial.

 Layout Design Software for Mac — Swift Publisher

Extras Pack

When creating different flyers or brochures for publishing on Mac, I pay attention not just on how well the general layout is designed. It is incredibly essential to prefer premium-class photos and images to ensure either digital or printed versions of my projects will state a gorgeous branding.

The Extras Pack offer includes thousands of illustrations. Taking into account all of them are royalty-free, it is a pure pleasure to apply them to implement my ideas in works on Mac. This simple desktop publishing software for Mac reduces time I need to prepare the layout plan and provides fast and smooth access to high-quality materials.


Without a doubt, the influence of lettering can’t be underestimated. Different fonts help improve visual content readability and make it brighter and more eye-catching. Not only are there various text styles in-built and present in Extras Pack, but also Art Text is integrated with Swift Publisher. In turn, consumers are welcome to create fonts they like from scratch with a powerful selection of tools.