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LDVD Apartment by i.s.m.architecten. Leuven, Belgium

Luis Dia Diaz

Koen Pauwels and Wim Van der Vurst of Belgian architecture practice i.s.m.architecten. have recently refurbishes this minimal apartment in Leuven, Belgium, adding transparent partitions. The main goal of the renovation project was to adapt the existing appartement to it’s new inhabitant. “Through the design we wanted to achieve an as spacious as possible setting for when she is alone while maintaining a certain level of privacy when someone stays over,” explain architects.

The existing structural wall that runs through the two compartments forms the backbone of the plan. All the barriers added are soft ones: glas doors, sliding doors and a pivoting cupboard, creating different degrees of transparency. Through the use of colour the punctures of this structuring wall are articulated but only reveal themselves when a door is opened or a pivoting door is turned.

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all images © Luis Dia Diaz