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Leading The Way In London – Clapham Construction Create Beautiful Bespoke Lofts

Leading The Way In London - Clapham Construction Create Beautiful Bespoke Lofts

When it comes to home renovations, we all want the best working on our projects. It’s not just a property we own, but our home. Getting it right is a must. With that in mind, it should come as no shock that Clapham Construction Service, one of London’s leading loft conversion specialists, is working up a storm, leading the way in our Capital as the creator of the most beautiful, bespoke loft conversions and as a result, these guys are in high demand. The question is, what sets these guys apart from the rest?

Who Are Clapham Construction Service?

To truly get to know Clapham Construction Service and what they’re all about, we first need to look at just who these guys are.

Clapham Construction Service are loft conversion specialists servicing the London area. Clapham Construction boast over 20 years experience within the building and construction industry and in that time have seen and completed almost every single project imaginable, from loft conversions to home extensions and more. Consisting of some of the most qualified tradesmen in the industry, Clapham Construction boast a truly talented in-house team; one they’re proud to say they’ve handpicked from the very best.

 Leading The Way In London - Clapham Construction Create Beautiful Bespoke Lofts

The Go-To Loft Conversion Specialists

While you could argue that there are indeed a number of companies offering loft conversion construction services in the UK, there’s a reason, or several, that people choose to use Clapham Construction Service time and again. Not only are Clapham Construction specialists in the area of loft conversions, but they’re also proud to provide a truly bespoke and all inclusive service, something not all companies can say they offer. Let’s take a closer look…

Fully Personalised

Every aspect of their service is personalised and bespoke, beginning with their free consultation. Here they’ll spend time getting to know you and your property. Once they’ve gathered what you’re hoping to achieve with your loft conversion, they’ll then spend time finding the most direct and affordable route to achieving that. Every aspect of your journey will be bespoke to you, to ensure they can bring your dream loft room to life and they’ll do so with complete transparency at every stage.

All Inclusive

Boasting 20 years in the industry, Clapham Construction Service has grown to become a company providing an all inclusive service. That means from the very first phone call, from  loft designs to planning permission, building regulations and the construction itself, Clapham Construction takes care of it all for you. Even the very last and final finishing coat of paint, they’ll have it covered. You’ll benefit from a single point of contact who’ll take you through your entire construction period, ensuring you know what’s happening and when. More importantly, they’ll take care of everything so you don’t have to. Forget multiple companies working on your project and say hello to smooth, seamless work and uninterrupted communication at every stage.


While Clapham Construction Service are known for their excellent construction work in lateral home extensions, they have over the last 20 years begun to specialise in loft conversions themselves. In fact, they’ve completed quite literally 1000’s of these builds in the last two decades, not only for their own customers but as contractors for some of the larger builders in London. Their niche? Loft conversions in London. They’ve spent so much time ‘going up’ in this city that they’ve mastered the narrow streets and of course, have become more than familiar with the local planning offices, having a great idea of what will and won’t get approved by local planning authorities. Having such in-depth knowledge makes them the perfect company to entrust with your loft conversion from start to finish.


Having spent over two decades in the industry, Clapham Construction have been lucky enough to hand pick their entire team. Not only have they been incredibly selective, but they’ve also acquired a huge group, big enough to allow them to keep every aspect of their loft conversion and extension services in-house. This means no expensive outsourcing, which brings us on to our next point…

Affordable & Fixed Prices

While Clapham Construction are known for their comparatively affordable pricing, it’s also worth noting that they provide fixed pricing too. That means no frightening stages at the end of a project when it’s discovered the build has gone over the pre-planned budget. Clapham keeps their clients truly content and offers total peace of mind.

 Leading The Way In London - Clapham Construction Create Beautiful Bespoke Lofts

London’s Favourite Loft Conversion Specialist

There should be no surprise that with these benefits, Clapham Construction Service have become London’s favourite loft conversion specialist. So much so in fact that they’ve taken the Capital by storm, finding themselves being booked up months and even years in advance. This company is without a doubt the most specialised and capable in the city, leading the way by creating truly bespoke loft conversions for every client. Their ability to treat each project as wholly unique is just one of the ways in which this company stands out and will undoubtedly make it the reason they continue for another two decades (at the very least) leading in their field.

Contact Clapham Construction Service Today

If you’d like more information on the type of loft conversions this incredible construction company can offer, we recommend contacting them today and taking advantage of their free consultation service. Call Clapham Construction Service now on 0203 950 7957.