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LED Under Cabinet Lighting – Make Your Kitchen Glow

Many elements can improve and highlight the decoration of your home and kitchen, and one of them is the LED under cabinet lighting. 

With LED under cabinet lighting, you will take your home decor to the next level. You can use under cabinet lighting to create a more eye-catching environment, plus if you feel you need a little more light when you go cooking, they are an ideal choice.

However, before you go shopping for LED under cabinet lights you should consider a few things first:

What do you plan to use the room for?

What kind of lighting do you need?

Do you need a little more light to do your job? 

Are you looking for ambient lighting or lighting to enhance the décor or a specific location?

Once you’ve sorted all these things out and you already know what kind of lighting would be perfect for your kitchen, you can go to lightingandsupplies.com and have your lights delivered directly to you.

Color Temperature 

The color temperature of the lights is important since it has a great impact on the appearance and decoration of the room, and according to your plan to use the room is that you should choose the color temperature.

For example, in the kitchen, usually while cooking we have to cut food and read recipes, so having under cabinet lighting will help us have enough light to cook without problems.

The best thing about LED lights is that they give you a lot of options in terms of colour. There are options to pick the colours that go very well with your overall decor of the kitchen.

In places where you need to have lighting to do tasks, it is best to choose colder temperatures because they are brighter and provide good lighting to do any task. We recommend 4200K or more. This is known as cool white and is a more white light.

On the contrary, if it is for the bathroom, it is better to choose warmer lights with a color temperature near 2700k or even less. This is called warm white and is a more yellow light. 


  • It is essential to consider the type of worktop you have, as this will influence how your under cabinet lighting will look, and according to it, you can choose the type of lighting:
  • Worktops with matte finishes reflect little light and hardly glare, so you can choose any under cabinet lighting, and it will look perfect.
  • Glossy countertops that are made of stones such as granite can be very dazzling if the lighting is very bright. To prevent this from happening, choose lights that do not have as many lumens and are very bright.
  • Light-colored countertops reflect light very well. Therefore, you need under cabinet lighting with low lumens to illuminate the whole area well.
  • Dark-colored countertops absorb a lot of light, so it’s recommended that you choose high-lumens lights for good illumination.

 LED Under Cabinet Lighting - Make Your Kitchen Glow

Under-cabinet Lamp Styles

Both fluorescents and LEDs are commonly used to illuminate kitchen cabinets because they do not generate heat, so the kitchens can be kept cool. LED lights are an excellent choice for use in bathrooms as they work very well in high humidity conditions.

You must be careful with the type of lamp you decide to choose since it is quite fundamental because the choice will influence the aesthetics, the type and amount of light, and how the lamp can be visible or not.

There are four common types of lighting used under the cabinet to choose from:

Surface Under Cabinet Lights

It has puck lights that are round, very similar to a field hockey puck. They are very easy to install as they only need to be stuck under the cabinet, you can use adhesive tape. These lights are battery operated, which is why they are commonly chosen.

LED Strip

If your closet has a flat or shallow hole, these strip lights are an ideal option. It can be installed very easily thanks to its standard plug and peelable adhesive. Besides, it allows that in the kitchens a great amount of heat does not accumulate because they are kept cold. These LED strips look quite thin, practically has a flat surface, and manageable, allowing them to be placed in unusual places, or very narrow places. They can be dimmable if the LED strip is used with a dimmable LED controller. The disadvantage is that each 5-meter section will need its own plug, which is much more complicated to use for longer projects.

Rope Lights

This type of light is very simple to place, you only need a transformer and mounting clips, in the same way, they can be moved in a very simple way, in case you are rented there is no problem with installing them. These lights are a little bigger than the LED strip lights and unfortunately cannot be bent at a 90-degree angle, as they would be damaged. They are quite thin and can work very well in rounded corners.

T4/ T5 Lighting Fixture

These T4 lights are a great choice if you want to place the lights under the cabinet to illuminate your tasks. They are larger than disk lights and shine brighter than tape and string lights. You can choose them as LED, incandescent, or fluorescent, in addition to their various lengths. If your purpose is to mount lighting throughout the cabinet, you should purchase plug-in accessories, so that they can be operated from a single outlet.

No matter what type of LED under cabinet lighting you decide to use, make sure you use a qualified electrician. It will involve connecting into the electrical installation so it is not advisable to do it yourself.

I hope you enjoyed reading and found the information helpful.