Covid-19 has killed more than one million people worldwide. This virus from China is truly vicious and contagious. No one is completely safe because the virus is transmitted through the air, for example when someone infected talks to other people. The nature of this virus and its impact forced many countries to impose social restrictions, including ours.

Social restrictions have been shown to reduce transmission rates. Unfortunately, it also has various negative effects, such as a decline in the level of the world economy, increased unemployment, increased mental disorders, decreased purchasing power of the people, and so on. On the one hand, social restrictions are quite effective in preventing the transmission of the virus, but on the other hand, they have completely destroyed the foundations of social life.

It is a challenging time for all of us when we need to stay connected, communicate and care for the people around us. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought social distancing with families, colleagues, and everyone, coupled with government policies for Physical Distancing or Large-Scale Social Restrictions. Here are some ways for staying connected with others in a positive light.

You need to encourage each other

We live in extraordinary times! Even when we can’t be physically present with each other, we can still call, and play online with online games,  you have the perfect opportunity to practice the game from and perfect your strategy to improve the possibility of a big win.

 4 Ways You Can Stay Connected During a Pandemic

You need to support each other

We can do what matters most in a simple and practical way. Call your neighbors or relatives and ask how they’re doing. Give some of the money you have, deliver food for someone who can’t get out of the house, pay for the person behind you at the drive-through, email a gift card to a friend. These simple things may seem trivial but they mean a lot to the people around you.

You should remind each other of kindness

As humans, of course, we have to remind each other about goodness. We can remind friends, relatives, relatives, and even family to eat regularly, worship (if they are religious people), take vitamins, wear masks regularly, eat fruits, exercise, sleep late at night, and much more. There is always a chance, your warning could save someone’s life.

If you’re a religious person, just pray!

Inner calm is the main key to dealing with Covid-19 with poor conditions. If you are a religious person, praying is a powerful way to calm the soul. There are many ways to heal oneself, but some people may find that trying to heal with scripture prayers is helpful. The scriptures can provide guidance and hope in difficult times, especially through this pandemic. And while there is no scientific evidence to support this claim, many people believe that it has helped them to overcome various challenges in their lives. If you have inner peace, the psychological disturbances caused by Covid-19 will not have much impact. What if you are not a religious person? Peace of mind can be attained by a variety of paths. You can try meditation and read positive news. Vigilance is highly recommended but excessive anxiety is not. One of the ways to “nourish our brains” from excessive anxiety is to read positive news, for example about the discovery of a new vaccine to fight this pandemic.

Staying connected is key in restrictive situations. Humans are social creatures, they were not created for a solitary life. You have to realize that you are not living alone, you are living with other people.