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The Fusion of Fashion and Technology: Adobe’s Interactive Dress Wows New York Runway

The Fusion of Fashion and Technology: Adobe x Christian Cowan's Project Primrose

Adobe and Christian Cowan

Adobe and fashion designer Christian Cowan have come together to reveal the revolutionary Adobe Primrose technology in their debut of the first-ever garment that is both wearable and electronically reconfigurable. Presented at Christian Cowan’s Fall/Winter 2024 New York Fashion Week show, this collaboration showcases a glimpse into a future where creatives can push the boundaries of fashion design through the use of groundbreaking technology.

The designer’s runway show featured the prominent look of the new Fall/Winter collection, known as the “Adobe x Christian Cowan Dress Powered by Primrose Technology.” This dress stands out with its innovative design, incorporating laser-cut polymer dispersed liquid crystal “petals” that have the ability to electronically change their appearance, resembling Cowan’s iconic stars. This transformative feature brings the dress to life instantly. Each column of petals is accompanied by a flexible printed circuit board underlay, enabling the petals to alternate and transition between shades of gray and ivory. By merging art and technology, this dynamic dress opens up endless possibilities in the realm of fashion design, demonstrating how static garments can be converted into dynamic expressions of creativity and innovation.

The Fusion of Fashion and Technology: Adobe x Christian Cowan's Project Primrose

“As someone who is always trying to push the limits and embrace new ways of working, after seeing what the Project Primrose technology was capable of, I was very eager to further explore this intersection between fashion and tech and collaborate with Adobe for my F/W ‘24 NYFW,” said Christian Cowan. “I was immediately inspired by its potential and was particularly drawn to the notion of sustainability behind it with the ability to create multiple iterations of a singular garment. I am honored to be the first designer to showcase how this impactful technology can be used to bring fabric and designs to life in ways like never before.”


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The reveal of the Adobe Primrose dress at Adobe MAX 2023, was a pivotal moment in showcasing this innovative technology that transforms fabric into a living, breathing work of art. In less than two months following the conference, the collaboration with Cowan went from concept to a wearable piece, marking an incredible accomplishment for both Adobe and Christian Cowan.

“We are very proud of this collaboration with Christian Cowan which not only empowers designers to dream bigger and envision garments that evolve and interact with their environment, but also underscores how Adobe’s suite of products can help pioneer new realms of possibility,” said Gavin Miller, Head of Adobe Research. “With Primrose, traditional clothing, once static, can now be transformed into dynamic expressions of art and technology, and the Adobe x Christian Cowan Dress Powered by Primrose technology exemplifies Adobe’s continued vision to shape the future of creativity and design.”

Adobe’s own suite of tools played a crucial role in the development of this unique creation. Throughout the design process, Adobe Illustrator was instrumental in establishing the foundation by mapping out the flexible printed circuit boards and determining the placement of each petal. Additionally, it facilitated the creation of intricate patterns through sketching. Furthermore, Adobe After Effects breathed life into the dress by infusing it with captivating motion graphics, thereby adding a dynamic element to the garment.

This amalgamation of creativity and technology was evident during Paris Fashion Week 2021, where a custom-designed haute couture garment, crafted using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, graced the runway. Moreover, the fashion industry is embracing 3D design, which has resulted in shorter product creation cycles, cost savings, and enhanced sustainability. Digital workflows, powered by Adobe Substance tools, enable the creation of realistic 3D visuals and prototypes, further revolutionizing the fashion industry.