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Liquid Laundry Gastrobar in Shaghai by hcreates


Shanghai’s first gastropub Liquid Laundry by hcreates is a newly opened venue in the former French concession. The bar and restaurant covers a spacious floor space of 700 sqm. The design cleverly allows a seamless flow from the lounge bar to informal and formal dining areas that are intertwined between the lounge bar, pizza oven, DJ’ decks and onsite brewery. An industrial palette with retro cues create a casual, urban space. Gleaming stainless steel brew tanks overlook the bar area, while a large open kitchen and a copper clad wood fire pizza oven warms up the dinners.


For much of the 20th century, the area covered by the former French Concession remained the premier residential and retail district of Shanghai, and was also the centre of Catholicism in Shanghai. Despite re-development over the last few decades, the area retains a distinct character, and is a popular tourist destination.

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