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Liz West fills a former Church with hundreds of colors

Hannah Devereux

British artist Liz West transformed the interior of the former St John’s Church building now housing 20-21 Visual Arts Centre gallery in North Lincolnshire, UK, with her latest installation titled ‘Our Colour Reflection’. By using hundreds of mirrors to reflect the gallery lighting into the roof space, Liz has filled the historic interior with hundreds of colors. Viewers will see themselves in the mirrored surfaces as they explore the space – creating a dialogue between viewer, artwork and architecture.


Liz West creates installations that use light and colour to transform spaces, and people’s experience of them. She aims to provoke a heightened sensory awareness in the viewer, tapping into our deeply entrenched relationship with colour, and exploring how it can move viewers, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.


Previous Liz West’s large-scale include Your Colour Perception, which had visitors returning to Manchester’s Federation House to witness the space saturated in colour, and her acclaimed installation An Additive Mix at the National Media Museum.

Our Colour Reflection is open at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, UK, until 25th June 2016.

 liz-west-fills-a-former-church-with-hundreds-of-colors-photo-by-Hannah-Devereux-4 liz-west-fills-a-former-church-with-hundreds-of-colors-photo-by-Hannah-Devereux-5 liz-west-fills-a-former-church-with-hundreds-of-colors-photo-by-Hannah-Devereux-6 liz-west-fills-a-former-church-with-hundreds-of-colors-photo-by-Hannah-Devereux-7 liz-west-fills-a-former-church-with-hundreds-of-colors-photo-by-Hannah-Devereux-8 liz-west-fills-a-former-church-with-hundreds-of-colors-photo-by-Hannah-Devereux-9 liz-west-fills-a-former-church-with-hundreds-of-colors-photo-by-Hannah-Devereux-10

all images © Hannah Devereux