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Llama Clothes Rack by André Simón


Spanish designer André Simón has created LLAMA, a funny clothes rack to dress it up or keep it naked. With a strong graphic expression, Llama is a funny solution for today’s domestic urban environment. A clothes rack with an animated and simple expression. Its function and its easy construction are evident. Llama is a piece of furniture for all of the clothing that gathers up in your living space. Perfect for those who tend to leave their clothes all over the floor.

 2-llama-clothes-rack-by-andre-simon 3-llama-clothes-rack-by-andre-simon 4-llama-clothes-rack-by-andre-simon 5-llama-clothes-rack-by-andre-simon 6-llama-clothes-rack-by-andre-simon 7-llama-clothes-rack-by-andre-simon 8-llama-clothes-rack-by-andre-simon 9-llama-clothes-rack-by-andre-simon

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