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Loft in Poznan by Cuns Studio, Poland

Hanna Długosz

In the shopping, arts and business district of Poznan, Poland, architectural duo Michalina Majcherkiewicz-Chmielowska and Jędrzej Sobkiewicz of CUNS STUDIO have designed this striking spacious loft.

Tomek, the owner, is a young, active thirty-some-year old male working in the internet service industry. He has always dreamt of living in an open and comfortable space with no strictly defined borders, like his idol, the main character of the popular nineties tv series “Nash Bridges”.


This attic space was previously occupied by a local business. Fortunately it was not neglected or damaged as can happen with abandoned attics. Nevertheless it required a lot of hard work to bring it to the present condition. The hardest part was restoration of the original wooden floor and the original roof timber structure. Uncovering and cleaning of the brick walls was also a challenging and time consuming task.


The loft has not been partitioned into individual spaces to allow the owner and his guests to feel at ease. Only the owner’s bedroom was clearly defined and separated to create a private space, an intimate refuge where Tomek can rest and fulfill one of his dreams – “bath under the clouds”. The elliptical bathtub and a fairy-tale lamp add to the magic of this cozy bedroom.


The fact that the designers did not partition the space allows guests to freely interact during the parties. The custom made kitchen is an ideal place to prepare snacks and drinks. Worth noticing is the geometrical pattern on the kitchen floor that was inspired by the rug in the living room.


An open space concept allows many options. To have fun together, to dance together or to hold intimate group conversations next to the fireplace while reclining on the comfy sofa, the wool poufs or, if heights aren’t an issue, the hammock net above. Others might opt for a snack while sitting on the plush hocker stools by the table, both also designed by CUNS.


The owner is a music lover so a fine audio system was a must. Cube Audio firm provided a customized home audio system. You can enjoy music in one room only or adjust the settings to fill the entire home, including the home theatre.

The home theatre also features a screen that lowers automatically from under the mezzanine floor If you want to go wild and have a full on party just click on another button on your smartphone. Since all the apartment’s services are fully integrated – smart and intelligent, the owner can control not only its audio or video systems but lighting and climate settings as well. All this from his smartphone.


Apart from a relaxing bath by the master bedroom there is also a less subtle alternative of a shower in the bathroom. Concrete walls harmonize with the beautiful free standing lavatory, the pride of the bathroom. The additional small water closet, located next to the bathroom, contrasts artfully with it thanks to the geometric tiles on the floor and the washbasin on a wooden base. The tap, reminiscent of a drop of water, also adds charm to this place.

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all images © Hanna Długosz