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Loop.pH re-creates the cosmos inside a 9M sphere inflated


London-based studio Loop.pH has conceived OSMO, a 9M sphere inflated that re-creates the cosmos under the A13 flyover for the latest edition of Light Night Canning Town. “At Loop.pH we like to craft and order space into magical experiences, so we have created a gigantic silver sphere that has been inflated under the flyover to house the most cosmologically transporting experience this bit of A-road has ever seen explain designers. Once inside the infinite mirrored space, visitors were able to relax and gaze at the re-creation of stars using laser beams bounced between layers of film with an ambient soundscape orchestrating the space. OSMO its an experiment in totally transforming the experience of an awkward public space into something of wonder and tranquility.

2-loop-ph-re-creates-the-cosmos-inside-a-9m-sphere-inflated 3-loop-ph-re-creates-the-cosmos-inside-a-9m-sphere-inflated 4-loop-ph-re-creates-the-cosmos-inside-a-9m-sphere-inflated 5-loop-ph-re-creates-the-cosmos-inside-a-9m-sphere-inflated 6-loop-ph-re-creates-the-cosmos-inside-a-9m-sphere-inflated 7-loop-ph-re-creates-the-cosmos-inside-a-9m-sphere-inflated 8-loop-ph-re-creates-the-cosmos-inside-a-9m-sphere-inflated 9-loop-ph-re-creates-the-cosmos-inside-a-9m-sphere-inflated 10-loop-ph-re-creates-the-cosmos-inside-a-9m-sphere-inflated

all images and video courtesy of Loop.pH