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Love Art? These Are Some of the Best Places for You to Visit in Malaysia!

Changi Airport Waterfall in Sinagpore

Darren Tan + Hu Chen from Unsplash

From vibrant cities and surreal beaches to delicious food and sacred rainforests, Malaysia is a country of picture books. Malaysia is a typical Asian country and presents a wonderful mixture of cultures that rest in harmony in an atmosphere. This allows the country to celebrate different festivals and enjoy different kinds of food. Culture aside, Malaysia is known for its impeccable landmarks and contemporary architecture. Among the best places for you to visit Malaysia, one such landmark is the National Visual Arts Gallery. With attractive designs, exhibitions of works of art by local and international artists, and the gallery’s art workshops, the National Visual Arts Gallery has become the top of the wish list for all art fans. This gallery is surrounded by some of the most fascinating landmarks around. 

In addition to the concrete jungle, Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur is home to Malaysia’s most spectacular wildlife and dense green rainforest.  travellers so that travellers can experience the tranquillity and juxtaposition of the wilderness in the jungle and city. Below is a list of beautiful places to visit on your trip to Malaysia.

Beautiful Malaysia welcomes everyone with open arms and warmth. The country offers the perfect blend of diverse cultures and is an experience for travellers visiting the country. The best places for you to visit Malaysia include great architecture, calm jungle, delicious food, stunning wildlife, and beautiful beaches allow visitors to discover some of the other wonders, from families and couples to backpackers and solo travellers. Some of the best places for art appraisers are listed in this article. Travelling from one place to another is very easy with pre-booked ticket bus online from Redbus. 

1. National Textiles Museum 

The world-famous National Textiles Museum is considered one of the best museums in Malaysia. The building that was supposed to be a station building has become a museum. The lower floors are built in the Mughal style with a history of textiles. You can find all details about the process and machine used to make this wonderful fabric. Upstairs you will find a variety of personal clothing and exquisite jewellery. 

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 bay south garden artificial trees

2. Islamic Art Museum 

It is clear that the Islamic Arts Museum exists. If you want to appreciate the complex teachings of Islam, one is confident that this will be your best choice. It is also a sacred place that many people in the country respect. This place shows the religious story of the country and some other stories from the Islamic artists who lived in this place. It is also one of the largest museums in Southeast Asia dedicated to a single religion. 

Islamic crafts from the Middle East, Iran and India are stored in the museum as exhibits. People can also attend workshops to understand how religion is practised around the world. One can book a bus ticket online form Redbus and travel here in an affordable manner.

3. Royal Malaysian Police Museum 

It’s perfectly okay if you don’t visit all the museums in Malaysia, but be sure to check out the Royal Malaysian Police Museum. This is an interesting collection of exhibits and crafts that reflect the history of police during this period. The museum has three different galleries with specific themes. Gallery A describes the Malay Sultan crackdown. Gallery B guides the role of police officers in the straits, and Gallery 3 tells the story of an army struggle to defeat the Communists. Redbus has the accessibility to drop you near this Museum.

4. National Museum 

This museum is often confused with the most famous National Textiles Museum, among the best places for you to visit Malaysia. This is another museum dedicated to the history of Malaysian archaeological sites. It is called the “National Museum”. The historic timeline from prehistoric times to the present will surely fascinate you. Not only history but also geological characteristics. 

Apart from these most popular art places, there are many informative and attractive art galleries and museums for you to visit. Travelling to different locations is easy and affordable with Redbus.