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Lucas y Hernández-Gil Refurbishes a 1880 Apartment in Madrid

Andrea Merlo

Spanish practice Lucas y Hernández-Gil has refurbished this apartment within an old building of the Eixample, built in 1880, near the Retiro Park, in Madrid. “We found ourselves in front of a space that had been strongly transformed during the years,” explain the architects. It had been used like an office and all the traces of the traditional architecture had been erased, except the carpentries of the protected façade. Bearing this in mind, the design team created a contemporary and bright interior. A dialogue with the traditional architecture has taken place through the new material utilized for the overhaul project. The use of different formats and cuts of wood and stone links to the original lost materials and returns some of the burgeous home´s comfort. At the same time, it gives character to the spaces without needing extra decorations.

Kitchen, that has traditionally been relegated to the deepest area of the house, has been now incorporated to the social area, becoming the central point of it. The warm and comfortable atmosphere increases with the selected furniture that has been provided by Batavia and Naharro. Classical furniture of Saarinen is combined with contemporary one and with our own designs, what is another example of the dialogue between different periods of time.

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all images © Andrea Merlo