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Mac Data Recovery

Mac Data Recovery

Losing data is one of the most frustrating experiences that many computer users undergo. The level of pain depends on the emotional treasure attached to the lost files. The value that some files stored in our computers hold may be inexplicably expensive and losing such files will be emotionally detrimental to most of us.

As an example, a software engineer may lose a project that has taken months or years to build, while at home, you might lose treasured photos, live recordings, music, documents or your favorite videos and other important files. Initially, most people panicked because they were not sure of what to do immediately after losing their files.

Fortunately, Mac data recovery options are now available to help you recover lost files for the Mac.

The most recommended software for the Apple computer in file recovery is the iSkysoft data recovery software. Iskysoft data recovery is the best data recovery software available for mac computers because it is the easiest to use and recovers any form of data, unlike other software that recover only one type of data. Furthermore, it contains advanced features which enable you to recover any type of lost data.

Additionally, it makes it convenient for you to recover all types of data lost even if you are not an experienced computer user. The software has been rated as the best because it has a longstanding proven recovery rate in the mac data recovery field. With an easy to use user interface and the cheap market price, the software could not be more beneficial. It runs a deep scan to establish the level of file loss, enabling a complete recovery of all lost files. Whether the loss of data occurs through accidental deletion, malicious erasing by someone, formatting or viral infection, iSkysoft data recovery software will help you recover deleted mac files very easily.

 Mac Data Recovery

Step-by-step on how to recover deleted files in Mac using iSkysoft data recovery software.

To use this tool for apple recovery, first, you will need to go to their website and download iSkysoft data recovery software. After downloading, all you will need to do is install and launch the program on your Mac and you are ready to start your recovery process.

Even though iSkysoft data recovery software is premium software, the free data recovery mac option gives you the chance to use the possible 30-day recovery plan, which allows you to recover lost files within a period of once month without being charged.

Once launched, select the drive on which you want to recover deleted files. At this step, you will be required to start the process of recovering your files. Just click start, and the software will automatically start to scan your drive or partition for any files that may have been deleted from it. When the scanning completes, the iSkysoft data recovery software will present the results of all possibly deleted files in your Mac.

The list of results varies and is presented as categories of different file formats. Your task is to select the file types that you want recovered and hit the recover button. Once that is done, the software will save and recover the deleted files in your mac drive, in another location that you will specify. After doing this, congratulations! You have successfully completed a mac undelete process and recovered your lost files.

 Mac Data Recovery

Other options include free data recovery Mac software and premium packages. Free options are tools provided by the Mac OS recovery options found in the operating system, while the premium packages are external software purchased from third-party stores. While accidental data loss in your mac computer may be due to unintended deletion, you can simply recover your lost files by using the “Undo” option on your Mac. To do this, get to the edit option and in the dropdown menu, you will see the “Undo move of file_name” and once you click on it, your deleted file will be restored.

Secondly, you may have unintentionally moved your files to the trash bin and to recover them, you will need to move them back. Doing this is very simple. Just open your trash bin, locate the files that have been moved there, which you want to recover, right-click on your highlighted files and select “put back” option from the dropdown menu.

Sometimes, files may be hidden in your computer, such that you cannot see them and think that they are lost. Recovering hidden files will require you go to a new Finder Window and then navigate to Systems. From there, use the command “Command-Shift-.” All hidden files with the “.” Extention will appear. Lastly, you can use the free terminal option for Mac data recovery. Use Launch Pad to begin “Terminal” on your Mac, and then key in the following command “defaults write com.apple.finderAppleShowAllFiles -bool true”.The previous command will process others, and then allow you to enter “killall Finder”. This finder will list all the files that are not appearing in your mac drive because they may be hidden or invisible and help you recover these files.