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MaHouse in Strasbourg by Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY

Brice Pelleschi

This stacked house in the French city of Strasbourg by New York-based studio Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY features a translucent glass façade and an indoor slide. At MaHouse the extra length of a step, the degree of each tilt, the obliques in plan and elevation, their corner indentations act as small anomalies to introduce the experiential to its inhabitants’ daily environment.


The ground floor is dedicated to shared family space and working, with open living and dining areas, and an office and study. The middle level contains three bedrooms for the children, two bathrooms, and a play room. The top floor includes the master suite, or the “parents’ penthouse” with a bedroom, large bathroom, and a dressing room.

“Of three stacked floors – parents’ penthouse on top, children’s playground in the middle, ground floor for all – the middle is the most jumbled,” said the studio.


A staircase lined by reglit glass profiles slips through the house’s three levels, providing a continuous spatial experience and copious light without direct views inside. At night the MaHouse glows in the dark like a lantern.

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all images © Brice Pelleschi