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Making the Most with a Foundry

Looking for the perfect piece for your living room, office, gallery, and whatnot, a gift for a friend like a piece you know they’d like, or a monument for a person? Are you an artist finding ways to bring your art to life, your design into a reality? There are different mediums for that, and a foundry might be what you’re looking for!

What is a foundry and what is casting?

The Casting Process

  • Patternmaking
  • Moulding
  • Melting
  • Pouring
  • Cleaning
  • Fettling
  • Inspection

One of the most important components of the casting process is the mould. All final results in the casting process may depend on the mould the casting material is poured into. This is why the mould is carefully made so as not to alter or forget any detail. Commonly, the mould is made out of silica sand. However, different materials may be used in creating a mould depending on the casting method and metal to be used.

A foundry is a factory that produces castings by melting metal, allowing the metal to become liquid then pouring it into a mould where it will be awaited to be solidified. Foundries produce products with either functional or aesthetic value. Through casting, some foundries create metal products for railroads, engines, and pipe components. More so, they also create machine components for those used in the manufacturing of consumer products. Study shows that metal castings play an important role in the production of 90% of all manufactured goods. However, one of the most common functions for foundries in this modern day is for artisans.

 Making the Most with a Foundry

What services can you avail from a foundry?

Mould Making

Moulds are the most crucial component of castings. Commonly using best quality silicone rubber, you can avail services of mould making from a foundry. Just send a design or a picture and other needs so they can make the perfect mould for you that would be strong and last up to 5 years or use of 50 castings. 

Lost Wax Casting

This method of casting has been around for 6,000 years. It has become a favourite for jewellers, artists, and machinists because of its ability to maintain the smallest detail.

Bronze Art Crating and Packaging

Need to ship your bronze pieces? You can avail services which help you pack and ship with the use of sealed-air foams for your fragile shipment. This is for bronze art pieces which come in small and medium sizes. For large bronze pieces, strong and specially built wood crates which can be customized may be offered. 

Bronze Art repair and maintenance

Bronze pieces can suffer oxidation too. To protect and prevent it from further oxidation, you may need to have it rewaxed.

Sand Cast Plaques

In need of plaques? Foundries can also make bronze plaques for you. You can send them your design, or you can also ask for help from them in designing the plaque.

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