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MAP Introduces BeeLine, a New Smart Compass for Bicycles


London design studio MAP introduces a minimal compass to guides cyclists through the city. BeeLine is an intuitive navigation device that puts cyclists back in control their journey. The handlebar mounted device connects to a rider’s phone via Bluetooth to enable a smart compass functionality. Cyclists can set their chosen destination and waypoints using the simple BeeLine App. Once their destination is selected, cyclists can put their phone away and BeeLine will guide them from start to finish allowing cyclists the freedom to decide which roads to take, unlike most navigation devices that offer rigid turn-by-turn directions.


The compact and lightweight design enables the product to be completely portable, fitting easily into a cyclists’ pocket or bag when not in use. To enhance the portability of the device, Map designed a brushed stainless steel keyring which the device effortlessly slides onto. It also works well in varying weather conditions. This navigation device is basically an upgrade to the traditional compass which suits all types of bicycles.

The device is designed to attach quickly and easily to the handle bars or stem of any bike. Map designed a unique casing with dual functionality that provides secure fastening onto the bike, as well as protecting the screen when stowed. The device comprises of a two part ABS case joined together by a silicone strap. The strap wraps around the stem allowing the screen body to lock securely into the cradle.


Map specified an ultra-low energy e-paper display, which maximised the device’s battery life lasting months of normal use. The e-paper screen displays clear and crisp information to riders in all light conditions and includes a backlight for cycling at night.

BeeLine is available now on Kickstarter starting from around $33 USD for early bird pledgers (shipping summer 2016), and around $65 USD when it hits the market.



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all images courtesy of MAP | video courtesy of Kickstarter