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Matthew McConaughey Hosts a Virtual Bingo Game for Senior Citizens with His Family

Matthew McConaughey Hosts a Virtual Bingo Game for Senior Citizens with His Family

A virtual bingo game was hosted for the people residing at a senior citizens center by the Austin Icon and Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey and his family during the weekend. Now, there have been a lot of bingo nights at the Round Rock Senior Living enclave, but none has seen the presence of a celebrity before this one. 

However, it should also be noted that it is not just coming out of the blues. In September 2019, knowing that McConaughey is a huge fan and player of bingo games, the team members and residents of the Round Rock Senior Living Enclave made a video and posted it on social media. In the video, they made it known to the celebrity that they would want him to have some bingo time with them. For those outsides of the US, itching to play online bingo and other fantastic games can find a full list here of sites, although Matthew McConaughey won’t be the designated caller, there are many other great reasons to begin playing.



However, even though the current situation we found ourselves is not favorable to McConaughey or anybody, he was able to make out time to answer the call and join them for some rounds of bingo. 

However, it should also be noted that because of the current situation, a physical presence or in-person visit would not be ideal at this period of physical distancing. So, McConaughey, his wife, Camela, and his mother joined the residents for many rounds of virtual bingo games, as they called each of the draws as a family.

Talking about the situation on ground and what prompted the virtual bingo setting, Molly Davis Nedley who is the Sales Director at Round Rock Senior Living Enclave posited that the normal method and system of interaction between the team members and residents of the home has been disrupted. Because of this, they are seeking for other ways to keep the inmates and team members motivated and in high spirits. She said it’s a wish come true for the residents, as they enjoyed every bit of what Mathew and his family said to them during the interaction that followed the gaming session, especially the talk about how they’ve been able to cope with the situation and what they intend to keep doing till this whole thing is over. For her, the inmates needed such encouragement, so as to garner the hope they need to pull through this period of time when they are all suffering some level of loneliness and other challenges.

It would be recalled that McConaughey also teamed up with Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhart and Austin Mayor Steve Adler to record a video for the young people. In the video, they encouraged the UT students and other young people to stay home and stay safe.