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Memory Clock by monom + IMG SRC


Japanese product innovation team monom and Tokyo/Shanghai-based creative agency IMG SRC conceived a clock to deepen family ties by keeping time and memories. Memory Clock  displays photos on the same date they were taken each year: you can collect photos with smartphones and computer of family members on the cloud storage and synchronize multiple units and share photos with family living apart.


“Development began with the hope of deepening family ties by encouraging recollection of family memories at random moments. In an age when there are more photo shooting occasions than ever, it is hoped the product will blend naturally into people’ s everyday lives and act as an catalyst for looking at old photos again, whether quick snaps taken on a smartphone or serious photography taken with an SLR. explain creatives.

Memory Clock is a concept model. Its creators are seeking funding for the launch on the market.

 3-memory-clock-by-monom-img-src 4-memory-clock-by-monom-img-src

all images courtesy of MONOM